Nowadays the normal approach of CSR didn’t go

NowadaysCorporate social responsibility(CSR) has become the major concern for theorganization.

The ranking of the organization on the CSR can have affect tocustomer who take this factor in to their consideration. Many company turn to advancetheir CSR activities but some of them cannot succeed because of some reasonsuch as when the companies need to design the CSR sometime it doesn’t suit withtheir strategy as well. Moreover,the normal approach of CSR didn’t go long well with the organization’s strategybut if the company can design the CSR that base on their structure and plan. Theycan gain the advantage from this activity to be outstanding in the market. Inthe case study they have illustrate the new way to do a business along with theCSR by the focus to introducing the new framework that didn’t focus on one oranother as zero-sum but it tend to build the framework that can have the effectiveand efficiency to achieve organization goal along with social responsibility.Infact, there are many companies that doing CSR because of public pressure.

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Since2005 CSR approach have more impact to the business. Even though government havestrict more on CSR so they raise the law and regulation to take the CSR in theconsideration by the business need to have the article about CSR disclosure tothe public but it also being competitive advantage to the business to attractthe external stakeholder who concern more on public and society issue.When organizationinterpret in the CSR they need to put a lot of effort not just only attentionand strong commitment. In the CSR, unexpected situation can occur every momentso modification on the plans are required. Making a choice also the majordilemmas that the organization need to face not only the strategy but CSR alsoincluded. The organization need to choose which segment that they want help tosolve and relieve.


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