Nursing characteristics of effective leaders and mangers. Management:

Nursing plays a big part in the wellbeing of patients and their outcome. For patients to receive the best care services, it is essential to have nurses and staff with good management and leadership skills. In chapter ten, the author states: “although the terms leadership and management are usually interchanged, they do not reflect the same meaning. (Zerwekh & Zerwekh Garneau, 2018). I will be discussing the differences of leadership and management, theories of both leadership and management, and characteristics of effective leaders and mangers.
Management: As we learned in chapter ten, management is almost the same as nursing process because it is a problem oriented process.

Leadership: A leader is a person that inspires other staff members without being appointed to. A leader motivates and coaches other by leading by example. For example, if hear of a patient that has a complaint of an uncomfortable air mattress. As a leader you will take initiative and put in a maintenance request to fix the problem instead of ignoring it until it gets to management.

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