Nyeri Municipal Council. Coca-Cola an international brand has

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Nyeri townis an electoral constituency established in 1988 as a result of the electionsheld in that year. It has a strategic location in the Kenyan Central Highlands. The town was established withinthe British colonial era and was theprevious headquarters of theprevious Central Province. Despite being one in all the largecities within the freshlycreated Nyeri County, the town features a comparatively little butvibrant business district thanksto the actual fact that it’s principally a government administration town. The current state in the constituency with regard tostandards of living is comparatively low since there’s plenty offood and water as a result of itssignificant position in thehighlands.

EducationThe constituency has two institutions of higher learning which are Dedan Kimathi University ofTechnology and Karatina University College.The town is a host to satellite campusesfrom the University of Nairobi and Kenyatta University. Just 10.8km from thetown is the National Police Training College.

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The constituency also boasts of amedical college, a government school of nursing, 2 engineering school schoolsand a number of other non-public and public secondary faculties and primary faculties.ReligionThemain religion in the town is Christianity with denominations such as Catholic,Presbyterian, Anglican and Pentecostals including various indigenousdenominations. The minority is comprised of Muslims and Hindus which is mainlyamong the younger generation.EconomyThemost significant employers in the constituency are sectors such as the serviceindustry and the religious bodies such as the Catholic Church. However, theGovernment is the largest formal employer in conjunction with the LocalMunicipal Council.

Coca-Colaan international brand has a bottling plant for its products but theconstituency has several coffee, tea, milk processing and packaging factories. Thisis just an example of the multiple industrial plants constituted in the town. Thelocale of the constituency gives it an edge in farming due to the favorableweather conditions and fertile areas. Farming in the town mostly applies human laborand over the years has grown to become the major factor for economic growthsince the residents heavily rely on it for their livelihoods.The townis known to have exciting tourist destinations such as the Aberdare and theMount Kenya National Parks. The hospitality industry also thrives on its worldclass hotels which offer a pleasurable stay whether long term or short term.


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