o Renaissance and the Protestant reformation. I



o   Its accurate to claim
that the exploration conducted by the Europeans wouldn’t happened without the
Renaissance and the Protestant reformation. I am going explain down below why I
think so.

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was a cultural movement and rebirth of European literature and art that spanned
throughout the 14th-16th century. Its was the ending of
the middle ages and the beginning of the modern era. The renaissance began in
Italy then spread throughout Europe over the next century. The Italians were
making trades with the Arabs in the Middle East which mean more wealth for the
Italians. They mostly invested their money improving their art society which
meant more quality paintings and sculptures were produced. Its was in this time
the Italian scholars become interested in the rest of the world and this was
beginning of the European Voyages of Exploration.  Later Scholars all around Europe become
interested in studying the rest of the world so the wealthy people would send
ships and explorers to discover new land, knowledge, treasure and so on then
the explorers would bring back all their findings that they can carry so that
the scholars would study them.


PROTESTANT REFORMATION: Christian reform movement lead by Martin Luther. In the
16th century the Roman Catholic Church was dominating the western
Europe. It was politically powerful, and it was lead by a pope in Rome. It hade
many enemies so when the reformation offered an opportunity to weaken the Popes
power, many of them thought if we weaken the popes power, we could improve
increase our own powers in relation to the Roman church and other rulers. Popes
currently were more like kings than spiritual leaders. They commanded armies,
waged wars and made political alliances. The Church was also corrupted, and
many attempts had been made to reform the church but none of them successful
challenged the churches action until Martin Luther.  Luther was a monk and he started the
reformation when he posted his 95 theses on the door of a church in Wittenberg,
Germany. It contained a list of 95 things Luther thought the church was doing


The church
initially ignored Luther but after his ideas quickly spread throughout Europe,
they asked him to recant his writings and he refused so he was expelled from
the church. The church created an entire council just deal with the problems
Luther created. His writings got to many people and they started to realize
that he was right. The people started to realize that the problem was the
action taken by handful of corrupt and powerful people. The people just wanted
a church the wasn’t controlled by a pope who wasn’t engaging wars.




During the
Renaissance, many states of Europe started their exploration of the world with
series of sea voyages. The explorers had different motives for taking apart in
these expeditions but most of them did it because of Renaissance ideals such as
wealth, curiosity and religious believes. 
The voyages of the European exploration had a huge impact on the
European Economic System. European explorers would travel to Asia to import
spices which at the time was very valuable for trading or just selling. So, the
Europeans would take the spices back home and sell it for a higher price to the
people (inflation). Let’s say they buy 10kr/kg and they would sell it for 30 or
40kr/kg in the market. They also imported other products such as coffee, beans,
bananas and so on. This mean that the country’s wealth was no longer just
dependent on its gold and silver. This idea opened a door for capitalism in many
countries. People liked the idea of not working for the government and liked running
companies by themselves. This also created social classes in many countries in
Europe. People (merchants) would invest in overseas venture and required new
wealth. European leaders like Spain’s king Ferdinand and Portuguese prince know
as Henry the navigator financed explorers who wanted to travel across seas. The
exploration also opened a new way for slave trading. The Europeans increased
their amount of colonization in the new world specially now that they have
discovered the Americas. They wanted to build new cities, so they needed people
who would conduct free labor, so they bought imported slaves from Africa.


Religious Faith

believed that Christianity should be the universal religion so some of the
explorers would join the expeditions just to spread their believes to the
people they would come across along their journey. They believed that when they
met new people or entered new society, those people should be introduced to
Christianity. Religion was an important motive for the explorers especially
catholic rules, they were so committed to spreading their religion to the new
world that would hire people just to join the expedition and spread the
religion. The people who were hired by the catholic rulers were mostly priests.
After Luther exposed the Roman Catholic Church so some of the people would  travel to different parts of the world just to
find a new religion. These people were seeking a place were there was no ruler
who were forcing them to believe in something. When these explorers met the
natives, they would force them to believe in Christianity. Just like the
Crusades tried to use violence against Muslims to make them Christens. These
priests were very keen to convert infidels to Christianity, often disregarding
the people’s human right until they converted to Christianity. Christianity
seems to have been used to excuse invaders actions upon the indigenous people,
as they believed to be doing it in the name of God.





 Religion and wealth was some of the motives
that started the European Voyages of Exploration. The other motives were
expansion of land, new knowledge and curiosity. The Renaissance introduced new
opportunities to people and some of the people took these opportunities and
made themselves very wealthy. SO, the Renaissance provided new ways to make
money and the protestant reformation made people understand the power of
religion and the consequences it has if you spread the message of religion in
the wrong way. So the European Voyages of Exploration wouldn’t happen without
the rebirth of literature, art, technology, science and the reformation of the
catholic church.


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