Obesity inheritance of fat cells beyond the normal

Obesity has become a major problem in most countries of the world , whereANA1  the proportion of obesity in some modren societies about 20% in recent yearsANA2 . This is a difficult problem with serious effects on the individual first and then reflected on societyANA3 .  There are many reasons that cause obesity and the most prominent of these reasons include: First of all,, psychological reasons lead to obesity, there are many people who are affected by poor mental state, they lead to exposure to the huge increase in weight, when the deterioration of their psychological situation, increasing appetite for food and make them eat large amounts of food without attention to the enormous food prices that contain themANA4 .

Secondly, lack of movement and lack of physical activity cause obesity and accumulation of fat within the body. Thirdly, there are some genetic factors that have a significant impact on obesity, and the process of inheritance of fat cells beyond the normal limit of parents and grandparents to children is one of the important reasons and difficult treatment in the elimination of obesityANA5 . Finally, sleeping immediately after meals is one of the most important causes of obesity.   Obesity begins with its effects on the individual first and then the society where the greatest impact on the individualANA6 . WhereANA7  obesity leads to many diseases and health risks to the individual.

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firstly , CauseANA8  increased heart disease, heart attacks and blockage of arteries that feed the heart. Obesity also causesANA9  severe difficulty breathing, severe tightness in the lungs, and rapid heartbeat. Thirdly, obesity greatly affects the bones and joints greatly and puts great pressure on the nerves, making the person exposed to severe pain in the joints, especially the joints of the hands and feet, due to the heavy weight that it carries. It also causes many infections in the bones and joints. Finally, the most important results of obesity are great opportunities for diabetes.

ANA10    Obesity has serious consequences for the individual and society,ANA11  and both cases ANA12 need to take action to study the problem of this problem and find appropriate solutions.  ANA1? ANA2Verb? ANA3No thesis statement ANA4Long sentence ANA5Long  ANA6No verb ANA7/There is an overuse of where/ not always accurate ANA8 ANA9Different verb? ANA10Support? ANA11Society has not been discussed ANA12Which cases?


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