Ocular complications- Cataract and sicca syndrome are amongst the most common
ocular complications after HCT.TBI as sequelae from the preparative regimen and
prolonged use of corticosteroids after.
The median time to develop cataracts
after transplant ranges from 2 to 5 years. An annual eye exam with slit lamp
examination is recommended for all patients who have had an allogeneic HCT and
for those who are at risk of cataracts.

Complications- The
oral cavity is one of the sites most commonly affected by chronic GVHD after
allogeneic HCT. Impact of chronic GVHD on salivary glands lead to qualitative
and quantitative salivary changes (dry mouth) leading to development of dental
caries. Patients with a history of oral chronic GVHD are at risk of development
of intra-oral malignancy (especially, squamous cell oral cancer). Routine
clinical oral assessment and dental health examinations are strongly recommended
6 months and 1 year post-transplant
and annually afterwards. More frequent
oral examination (every 6 months)is required in patients with chronic GVHD,
oral mucosal lichenoid lesions, and/or a history of
Fanconi’s anemia. Patients should be encouraged to carry out effective oral hygiene,
avoid smoking and chewing tobacco, and perform oral self-inspection.

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Chronic GVHD:


GVHD, a potentially life-threatening post-transplant complication, occurs in
approximately 40% to 70% of recipients of allogeneic HCT.  It is an immune response of the donor T cells
against recipient tissues. Chronic GVHD is not only a major cause of
non-relapse mortality, it can lead to significant morbidity and decline in
health-related quality of life. Thus, ongoing surveillance and early
recognition of signs and symptoms of chronic GVHD is critical to
optimize long-term outcomes (Table 1). When signs of chronic GVHD appears
collaboration with the transplant center to confirm diagnosis and management is




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