Okay tips-Don’t shy away from asking your

Okay let’s be 100% honest here, we all want to have that coiffure celebrity style blonde hair but we don’t want the damage. Going blonde isn’t some magical experience that happens in one sitting, it can leave us with split ends, dry and brittle hair and possibly limp and lifeless frizz. But that hasn’t stopped us trendsetters from seeking those perfect locks. But no worries doll it’s 2018 and hair technicians are constantly revolutionising the hair industry. So let’s talk about six ways to bleach your hair without damage!1. Let’s Have A Chat.- Yes, consultations with your stylist are part of the process and getting those beautiful blonde locks we keep talking about. So consultations give you a chance to voice exactly what you want as well as your expectations as far as your hair goes. The consultation also allows stylist to make suggestions that would best suit your needs as well as giving you a price range so you can save up.Lovely tips-Don’t shy away from asking your stylist questions, it’s your hair and your right. 2. Tell Me About It!- Listen to your stylist, they have spent thousands of dollars as well as hours to provide a professional experience and outcomes. So when they tell you that you can’t go from black to platinum blonde in one sitting because it will most likely destroy your hair, they’re probably right. A good stylist will take pride in their work and will do everything in his/her power to ensure your happiness, so trust them.Lovely tips-  Be honest when you have a concern. Cause if your stylist doesn’t know then it might be too late to fix it within your budget. 3. That Sounds Complex- Olaplex has officially made its way onto the red carpet, literally! Khloe Kardashian and Ariana Grande went platinum blonde Last Summer with the help of celeb colorist Tracey Cunningham and her secret weapon, Olaplex. Olaplex works to repair broken bonds while protecting bonds that would normally get destroyed from bleaching, using this takes away the need for a double process and double damage.So now we see what the craze was all about!Lovely tips- Try using olaplex number 3 to maintain your hair between salon visits. 4.  TLC Just for Me!- Since you have put your hair through so much trauma to get that perfect shade of blonde, don’t forget to give it a little bit of tender loving care and nurse it back to life. Try using deep moisturizing treatments as well as color lock products to help keep that color fresh in between Salon visits. Color lock products actually help to prevent your hair from absorbing harsh minerals that can be found in most water systems as well as protecting you from too much build up, which can be damaging to your color.  Lovely tips-  Try taking argan oil or coconut oil and running it from root to end on your hair and then wrapping it up in a stocking cap once a week for a quick and cheap solution to a deep moisturizing treatment. 5. I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T . – Girl you know what that means. We have all tried coloring our hair by ourself at least once to save on money or time, so even though it’s not recommended we are here to help. First thing is first, stay away from cheap products, if it seems too good to be true more than likely it is. If you’re going to do it yourself at home use high quality name brand products, for example Brazilian or Olaplex. Using Salon Professional products at home to bleach your hair will give you 100 times better results than the $5 bleach kit at Wal-Mart.Lovely tips – Try coating your hair in coconut oil before applying bleach or melt down coconut oil and mix it in with your bleach to help better protect your hair from major damage.6. My Hair and I are Close- Building a bond with your hair may not seem important now, but just wait til you see the difference.  You will need to do a deep conditioning or Bond building treatment a week before your appointment and the week after to maintain beautiful healthy hair.Lovely tips- Try using a moisturizing mask over dry hair for 30 minutes each night.

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