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On November 11th, 1918, Germany signed an armistice to finally end the four year conflict of World War One which was declared in 1914 by the Central Powers; Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria against Great Britain, France, Italy, Russia (left war in 1917) and the USA. This essay will range from 1897, when Germany had started drawing up the Schlieffen Plan (took nine years to finalise) to 1918, when the war ended. There are three factors to consider when assessing the defeat of the Central Powers in WWI; the Schlieffen plan, the poor choices of allies and The Central Powers greatly lacked a good political system.Alfred Von Schlieffen, the chief of the imperial german general staff was the creator of the terrible Schlieffen plan. This plan was Germany’s main strategy during the outbreak of World War One. More than 90% of Germany’s armed forces were ordered to attack France. They were scared that the forts built all around the east border would slow down their attack, so Mr. Alfred thought about marching through Belgium into the northern part of France for a quicker invasion without having the fight all the french forts on the east. They wanted to attack France as quickly as possible so they could after fight Russia. Germans thought that marching through a neutral country (Belgium) wouldn’t have created problems, they thought that the UK wouldn’t have minded that their ally was being attacked a little… but little did they know… the British did mind. They actually ended up fighting two wars because Britain also declared war on them after marching on Belgium. So as one may see, this plan wasn’t very good for the Germans. The initial plan was supposed to take 6 weeks, it actually took them 12 weeks without even getting anything done/only worsened it. This plan was the main reason why they lost WWI.The second reason why they lost is obviously, the poor choices of allies. Germany and its allies were not a strong alliance, their army was not prepared enough to defeat Britain and France. Even without the US, those two countries were very well-prepared and Germany and its allies did not stand a chance against them. Britain, France, and the US had a very strong system as they worked extremely well together because only one supreme commander, General Ferdinand Foch, controlled all the Allied armies which was very useful because all their attacks were coordinated. Austria-Hungary and the Turkish Empire were not the best choices they could’ve made. Both countries were huge empires with unstable governments and internal problems with diverse ethnic groups trying to gain independence. Another surprising factor was that Italy never actually fought on the side of the Central Powers during the war, they refused to help. Furthermore, during the ending of the war, Austria-Hungary stopped helping Germany. They were all alone surrounded by the Alliance side with no help. Another key factor was that Germany’s allies had a lot of other problems with other countries, so they were always getting attacked, therefore Germany was always forced to send troops to help her allies since they were really underdeveloped and did not have enough men. Consequently, thist affected Germany’s performance during the war. The Central Powers did not have a good political system which also led them to lose WWI. Germany had an Authoritarian government which was ran by one leader or leaders and usually those leaders were not voted for in any way. Basically, the population didn’t have a say in anything, only the leader decided. At the time, ‘Kaiser Wilhelm II’ was the leader of Germany, and as you may know, he wasn’t the best person to put in command of a country. He made decisions without considering the opinions of his people and he never had any back-up plans in case of plan failures. He was also unorthodoxly obsessed with having more boats than Britain, which was incredibly impossible and unrealistic. Britain had the absolute naval supremacy but he kept on building boats which led him to lose a lot of money that could have been used to invest in other things such as military purposes. Due to the incompetence of the leader, bad decisions were made and led them to defeat. In conclusion, The Central Powers lost the war because of many important mistakes. The Schlieffen plan was all based on hope, it was supposed to knock out France quickly but they ended up fighting two wars because they marched through Belgium. Their ally choices were poor as well, both the Ottoman and the Austro hungarians had an unstable government that was not influential to its people, and had many differences in their own countries. Germany also had to constantly help them by sending troops because they were too weak to defend themselves alone. With stronger allies, Germany would have won the war. The poor choices of allies lost them them it. Many mistakes were done by the Government of Germany, if everything was planned out and had back-up plans for every single outcome of every actions and also if other people could actually have opinions being taken into consideration, they would have had a better chance.

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