On the 6th of August, the first

On the 6th  of August, the first Atomic Bomb was dropped by the United States or America on the city of Hiroshima. It was known as the “Little Boy” and the plane, which was a B-29, that carried Little Boy from an Island called Tinian in the western Pacific to Hiroshima was known as the Enola Gay. It was named after the pilot’s mother. Three days later, the U.S (Bock’s Car which was the crew) had dropped the second Atomic bomb on Nagasaki which was known as the “Fat Man”. These bombings caused a great deal of damage, sorrow, and pain to the citizens of Japan. Many people who were not close to the epicenter survived the explosions with scarring after effects or radiation that lasted throughout numerous generation. As the anniversary of the droppings of the Atomic Bombs come every Summer, many engage themselves in their thought, pondering about whether the use of nuclear weapons should have ordered by President Harry Truman against Japan. After a careful review of the happenings before and after the bombings makes it clears the dropping of the Atomic Bombs were morally and strategically necessary and justified. Specifically, Japan was not backing down from fighting or stopping there notorious habits and killing without being provoked. Imagine what would have happened if the Atomic bombs were not dropped.Japan was not preparing to surrender; it was preparing to fight to the death but the droppings of the Atomic Bombs against the Japanese in 1945 saved a million lives in America.  The U.S had decided to take a stance that had limited the number of casualties in the war. This was done by significantly shortening the war with the use of atomic weapons. The United States was quite interested in a fast and simple way end to the war without causing unneeded damage and suffering. They had in their grasp a weapon that was capable of bringing the war to a swift and clean end so they used it because the U.S had already suffered the loss of more than 418,000 lives, both military and civilian. The atomic bombs had acquired the effects they desired by causing maximum destruction and just six days after the bombing in Nagasaki, Emperor Gyokuon-hoso delivered a speech that broadcasted the details about the Japanese surrender. The devastation caused by the bombs had sped up the Japanese surrender, which was the best solution for everyone because a full-scale invasion would have caused 3 million Japanese deaths and 2 million allied along with countless civilian catalysis. In her article ” Was the US justified in dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War?” Emma Mason says “If the atomic bombs had not had the devastating effect they had, they would have been utterly pointless. They replaced thousands of US bombing missions that would have been required to achieve the same effect of the two bombs that, individually, had the explosive power of the payload of 2,000 B-29s”(www.historyextra.com). This had freed up all of their resources that could be utilized for the war effort elsewhere but a lot of the damage had already been done by the Japanese.     Japan had executed over 2,000 people in the Pearl Harbor bombings and the United States had done nothing to provoke them. They had limited Japan’s oil supply counts and cut off the trade but those actions were also deemed reasonable because they wanted to take over the Pacific Ocean and were quickly making progress with the Indian Ocean as well. Since Hitler and Germany were already out of the picture, they were not worried about but Japan was still strong.  Japan had taken over several hundred islands in the Indian Ocean so the U.S moved in to take out Japan by defeating the Japanese on several islands but because of their kamikazes, the U.S took heavy casualties, and the Japanese lost far fewer men than they did. A full-scale invasion of Japan would have costed thousands upon thousands of American lives, and that was simply unacceptable not an option so dropping the atomic bombs saved many American lives and crippled the Japanese from attacking us and effectively bringing  WWII to a halt in the Pacific Ocean. The Japanese caused lots of unwanted misery and suffering and deserved what they got but the U.S warned Japanese civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to leave the city days prior to the Atomic bombings. In a debate, Timmy.R said “The U.S. had dropped ‘leaflets’ on the two cities a few days prior to the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima warning the civilians of air raids within a few days and advised them to leave the city immediately. They did not leave and chose to put themselves and their families at risk of bombs being dropped on their head” (http://www.debate.org).  Also, at the Pearl Harbour attack, over 68 American civilians were shot by Japanese planes without a declaration of war or warning. The Japanese soldiers in Korea, China, and other nations had brutally killed and tortured many people. They made young women into prostitutes, forced them to work in brothels and frequently raped women. In China, they killed and chopped off the heads of many Chinese men for no reason. The Japanese had massacred and raped many young females in the Rape of Nanjing so they were given a taste of their own misery when “thousands of Japanese soldiers plus both of the cities that had military and industrial installations that were protected by anti-aircraft defense batteries in case if hundreds of B-29s would come in to firebomb their city were bombed leaving a permanent scar on Hiroshima , Nagasaki and their inhabitants” (www.debate.org). The fact that Japanese soldiers had violated the dignity of many makes one think if they deserved the bombing.    The dropping of the Atomic bombings had been carried out by President Truman. If the Atomic bombings had not occurred or were held back, then there are so many happenings that would have continued and WWII would not have ceased when it did. The bombings saved more lives than it took. In her article “By the Numbers: World War II’s atomic bombs” Michelle Hall says “The atomic bombs killed around 66,000 to 90,000 at Hiroshima and 60,000-80,000 at Nagasaki. Seems like a lot, but more people died in the battle of Okinawa. 12,000 US troops, 95,000 Japanese troops and 140,000 civilians for a total of 247,000. 246,000 died in both atomic bombs, but one needs to imagine a full-scale attack on Japan. Doubling the amounts of the deaths from the Atomic Bombing will give how many lives it would have cost to take Japan” (www.cnn.com). The bigger problem would have been that citizens of Japan are very loyal towards their superiors and religion. If a high ranking individual or leader came along and told them to take their own life, they would have committed suicide. Another problem was that in the mountains, civilian houses looked a lot like bunkers and the American troops would not have known that information and accidentally killed them. Also, the civilians would have tried escaping to their lines at night but the troops would have thought they were the enemy and shot them. “Death before dishonor” is a phrase said throughout Japan in the ears of every soldier. They would have continued fighting until the last person in Japan died. This would have made the war last way longer which would have resulted in many more casualties for the Allies. “It is not war mentality to think of preserving the lives of innocent people when the safety of the world is at stake” (www.debate.org). This is what the U.S was thinking when they made the decision to drop the bombs. They were thinking about the consequences people not just in Japan and America would have to face.    The dropping of Little Boy and Fat Man were indeed crucial and played a significant part in saving the lives of thousands of people but at the same times, they took many too. If the Atomic Bombs had not been dropped, the Second World War would have continued on for a much longer period of time but one cannot say that the people who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were un-warned. They were well warned before time and chose not to leave. If the bombs never existed in the first place, then the Japanese and Americans would have gone head-to-head on confrontation causing even more lives to be lost. The Japanese made it personal when they attacked Pearl Harbour because they never warned beforehand and were planning to attack America as well. What President Truman decided to do was for the greater good. The bombings gave Japan and the Soviets a burst of reality and sacrificed the lives of many for the greater good of the world.

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