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On September 19, 1692, a man was pressed to death.

This man, Giles Corey, had just suffered the penalty for being a “witch.” This is what happened in the Salem Witchcraft Trials. Starting in 1692 and ending in 1693,  the Salem Witchcraft Trials were known for their blood thirst and cold heart. The Salem Witchcraft Trials were just one (popular) of many Witchcraft Trials.

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It happened in Salem, Massachusetts. It claimed the lives of 24 people. The Salem Witchcraft Trials impacted many things including court cases. A famous example of an impact is Spectral Evidence. The definition of this is, “witness testimony that the accused person’s spirit or spectral shape appeared to him/her witness in a dream at the time the accused person’s physical body was at another location.”  At the time of the Salem Witchcraft Trials, “It was accepted in the courts.

” ( U.SLegal.com ) The judges allowed Spectral Evidence in their courts. But with evidence you couldn’t see,you had to trust that it was correct.

This is bad because the accusers could get away with blaming any innocent people. This is why many of the accusers won the court cases while judges were using Spectral Evidence. The Salem Witchcraft Trials also affected the community.

One way it affected the community was fear. Fear of witches and who to trust. Fear of being labeled as a witch and many things. Another thing is the closure with the community.  You could even say that because after the trials most of the community was father away from each other and distant. Also the family members and defendants got affected. For example, the defendants were affected when they were physically hurt. Now the family members ? They were affected when their family members were labeled as witches.

You could say that because whenever someone was a that owned a house and the family lived in it, the land, property and house all went to the “crown” A.K.A the king. Who were impacted in the Salem Witchcraft Trials that weren’t a defendant, or was related to the defendant ? They were the judges and reverends.  The judges and reverends were prejudiced and criticized for killing innocent people.

A reverend named Samuel Parris was kicked out of the colony in 1696. Now the girls that started the whole thing? Well you would think they would have apologized right? Wrong,they actually did the opposite, they pretended like it never happened,and went on with their lives. Only one girl apologized and her name was Ann Putnam Jr (She accused 62 people.

). Yes she apologized, but she didn’t take the full blame! Instead she gave this story that Satan had done it and she was forced to. But at least she apologized, all the other girls played a part as much as she did and didn’t apologize (sad).  (The Salem Journal: The Aftermath) Now the family members well with them they usually worked against the Trials publicly or had depression. Which is sad because it all could have been avoided.The Salem Witchcraft Trials ended in September 22 of 1693.

(The Salem Journal: The Aftermath )   It ended when the judges said that they would rather not kill anyone if one person was innocent. The Salem Witchcraft Trials lasted for less than a year. It impacted the way court cases are dealt with instead of using Spectral Evidence they now use solid evidence.  It impacted Salem itself because after the Salem Witchcraft trials it created closure in the community of Salem.

The Salem Witchcraft Trials also impacted the judges who were sometimes criticized by people.( A person named  Samuel Parris was especially criticized and was later kicked out of the colony.) This is how the Salem Witchcraft trials impacted our world. This is why courts are different. This is why the U.S is known for its righteousness and freedom,because of the changes the Salem Witchcraft Trials made.   


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