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On a normal Portage day, I really wanted Chick-fil-A.

I had no money so I needed my mom to send me a picture of her credit card. I just couldn’t wait to get this delicious food and have a magical time in the Chick-fil-A community. After waiting for what felt like an HOUR, the picture finally loaded. But, as I opened the picture, it turned out to be horrible quality. Due to the awful picture quality and slow speed, my mom and I’s phones ruined my chance at happiness. Have you ever complained about your phone’s quality? Or have you ever heard someone say, “I hate this stupid phone!”.

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Well, with the iPhone X, all of these problems will be solved. You must have the iPhone X because of its amazing camera quality, incredible design, and fun, new features.One of the best parts about the iPhone X is the highly improved camera. This new camera has many features that improve the quality drastically. One of these features is the TrueDepth camera system. This allows for the perfect picture to be taken in different styles, like the very popular, portrait mode (“IPhone X.

“). Another feature involves the Dual 12MP cameras located on the back. These cameras take clear pictures by having a wide angle and high speed to prevent blurry photos. (Patel). The final feature is the Apple-designed image signal processor. This detects lighting, motion, and people to optimize the picture quality before it is even taken (“IPhone X.

“)! Now, buying a 600 dollar camera is NOT necessary. With the iPhone X, you can take high-quality pictures with your phone, and it will load quickly. Other phones, like the Google Pixel 2, have worse quality and can make special moments that you want to capture turn bad fast (Villas-Boas). The next time you need to take a picture to capture an amazing moment, think about the iPhone X, and how much better it would be with this phone. It allows for you to take the perfect picture at the touch of your finger.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The design of the iPhone X completely changes the game for all other phone companies. The many components of this new, sleek phone make it the best.

For example, the screen has the most durable glass on an iPhone yet. It has a 50% deeper glass that can prevent smudges and small scratches (“iPhone X.”).  Additionally, the surgical stainless steel resists water, dust, and splashes, which makes worrying about your phone in bad weather a thing in the past (Phelan). However, when Apple announced the wireless charging for these new phones, this instantly became the best feature of the iPhone X.

This makes charging easier. Not only does it not require a cord, that can easily be lost, it holds battery life longer and charges quicker (Patel). This amazing product also has an outstanding display. To protect users, a system called True Tone reduces eye strain. Also, with its 2436 by 1125 resolution, the screen is perfectly clear. The super retina display causes colors to be more vivid and realistic (“iPhone X.”). The design of the iPhone X makes users fall in love.

It’s more durable, and it causes such a better experience. For us teenagers, these features aren’t as important as the fun, new things Apple has added to the iPhone X. One of these includes face recognition. It is so advanced that it is able to sense physical changes over time. Users are now able to use this as a password, instead of the annoying Touch ID on the previous iPhones. Also, facial recognition allows for Animoji to happen.

These are moving emojis that scan and match your face (Villas-Boas). So now you can be any emoji! Another exciting feature includes the A11 bionic chip, which many call the superhuman intelligence. This chip is the most powerful and smartest in the world. It can perform up to 600 billion functions at once.

This causes high speeds and efficient multitasking (Phelan). With the iPhone X, your life can be a lot more fun and easy; don’t you want to be an emoji?Everyone needs the iPhone X because of the camera quality, great design, and new, fun features. The moment after you purchase the iPhone X, your life will improve dramatically. At life’s greatest moments, you can easily capture them with this phone’s camera and high speed. Just imagine, you’re at a very important moment in your life, and you must take in this moment by taking a quick picture. Since you have the iPhone X, the quality and speed will make taking this picture simple. It would be one of your worst decisions to not buy this product.

This phone’s camera, design, and new features make it the greatest phone this world has seen. So the next time you need to take a picture or load an important text or app fast, think about the iPhone X. Our world is dependent on technology, so buy the phone of the future. The iPhone X truly does make life more spectacular.

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