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One of my favorite months in the year is Ramadan. As a Muslim, I am required to fast the whole month from dawn to dusk similarly to abstain from sinful words and attitudes. There are many benefits of fasting Ramadan; for instance, it cleanses the heart and soul by releasing dirt and impurities; it also gives me the opportunity to feel how needy people spend their day without eating food. Furthermore, the beauty of Islam is that it has the potential to encourage me to be thankful for what I have. To me, Ramadan is the best time to practice self-discipline, kindness, piety and generosity. A week before Ramadan, I always bought basic nourishments like flour, oil, water, oatmeal and dates, then I donated them to charity as well as I gave some poor people near my house. In the first day, as usual, my entire family and I gathered in my grandfather’s house to break our fasting and spent time together. Since we got there, we started greeting each other by saying “Ramadan Kareem”. After the sunset, I began breaking my fasting by Laban and dates then after I prayed, I started with the main dish which is Harees, Threed or soup. After a significant amount of time, I played several games with my cousins, and I ended up eating some sweet. My grandfather routinely told me different tips to avoid thirst like drinking lots of water, eating bananas and refraining from coffee consumption.

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