One which is school matters, feeling deep depressed

One of the latest issue in the world is cyberbullying. In simple words, cyberbullying is misuse of information technology to harm other people. It could be in the form of posting negative word or rumours about another person on the internet or social networking sites with an intention to embarrass or humiliate him or her in public. With the increasing use of internet services and mobile technologies, cyber bullying has become frequent, especially among teens. There are three effect of cyberbullying which is school matters, feeling deep depressed and self-abuse and suicidal.
First and foremost, cyberbullying can effects to school matters. Many teenagers and students who have been cyber-bullied are more likely to skip their school, keep getting lousy result, and have peer pressure with their classmates or friends (Fund for Civility, Respect and Understanding). According to Family Lives, a statistic shows that 20% of children and young people resulted in being reluctant to attend school classes due to fear of cyber bullies. In addition, in order to save those students from their frightening of cyberbullying, parents and teachers could find out the problems which the students are facing and help them to handle and solve the problem slowly and wisely.
Next, the effect of cyberbullying is feeling deep depressed and self-abuse. Nonetheless of feeling depressed or delighted, or having good news or bad news, most of the people in the world especially teenagers, young adults, and students love to post their photos and current statuses on their Instagram wall or on other social networking sites to grab other people attentions and responses. Moreover, when they could not accept those negative response and comment on their melancholy posts, their feeling could become very moody and gloomy that might cause them even more depressed. Sometimes, they also might even misuse themselves like slapping themselves, hitting their body against the wall, and punching themselves when they have lost control of their emotion. Although their situations are quite serious, there are still have ways to save them. Their family or parents would be the best to help them to keep calm their emotion down. In order to stop self-abuse to themselves, parents should keep monitoring their children emotions and behavior at all time.
Last but not least, suicidal will be the worst effect of cyberbullying. A research has shown that 3% of people who are cyber-bullied, would choose to end their life. Students or teenagers that are nonstop hurt by their peers through cyberbullying, will think that suicide would be best way to detached them from pain. Although the risk of rashness is quite low, parents should always keep their eyes on their children and show more attention to them to prevent any heartbreaks from happening. If this condition continuous day by day, it will be hurt physical and mental among teenagers and students.
In conclusion, those are three effects which is school matters, feeling deep depressed and self-abuse and suicidal. In order to overcome this cyberbully from became spread widely, parents must control their children to avoid this matters happen. Besides that, the government also must monitoring the usage of internet to the people.

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