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One of the most easily found themes in the black panther is the clash of civilizations and barbarism. Film Africa launched a bold imagination about the future: on this blue planet, Africa as the birthplace of one of the oldest civilizations, if there is no war, hunger, colonial oppression and poverty, the future of Africa show how a picture? The answer is the future we have never imagined.
In the black panther, we see a country with distinct African cultural characteristics and a strong science fiction color. This familiar and unfamiliar view of Africa’s futurism gives a wonderful and split feeling. It was not only the American audience that was conquered but also the African audience. The film’s soundtrack, costumes, tattoos and even accents have strong African features. It can be seen that this time, Hollywood has made another thorough cultural conquest of the third world with its excellent superhero theme, plus the national totem of Afrika and the perfect visual image. The rise of the film to a push for African cultural phenomena, given the new racial issues in the United States, is breathtaking. The film shows civilization to the audience, but it is driven by barbarism.

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