“One superlative prophet of Judaism because of his

“One day at the base of a mountain,
his attention was attracted by a flaming bush, but oddly, it was not consumed.”
In the essence of the flame, he sees God. There, God gives Moses a quest to
rescue the Hebrews. Moses is a Jewish prophet that accomplishes much in his
lifetime. He is reflected as the superlative prophet of Judaism because of his heroism
(“Moses” Brit.); his ability to be intelligent, tenacious, and strong are key
reasons on why he is heroic. From writing the holy book of Judaism, the Torah,
to leading his people back to Canaan, Moses accurately displays heroic
characteristics. (“Moses” Brit.; Mark).

One of the biggest reasons why Moses
is considered a hero is because of his intelligence. This attribute makes him
heroic. Without it, he would not have been able to overcome all the challenges
he faced. One example of Moses’ intelligence is when he calms God. God became
angry at the Hebrews because they were worshipping a golden bull.  He was going to punish the Hebrews severely. Moses
spoke to God and he calms Him down, which leads to the Hebrews safety from
God’s wrath. Moses also shows the heroic trait of intelligence when he convinces
the Israel leaders that he is the savior. Had he not been intelligent, the
leaders of Israel would have considered Moses foolish, and they most likely
would have ignored him. Another way Moses shows his heroism from intelligence,
is through the civic duties in which he participates. “When not involved
in other duties, he acted as a judge in civil matters” (“Moses”
DISC). Moses is smart enough to dispute incidents or disagreements within his
own people. Also, Moses shows that he is smart enough to fill many roles in the
Hebrews’ lives.

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An additional reason why Moses is
reflected as a hero is because he is tenacious. Moses’ determination leads him to
many successes during his lifetime. An example of this is when Moses went to
the pharaoh, Ramses, and confronted him to release the Hebrews. Although Moses
fails to release the Hebrews on his first encounter with Ramses, he continues
to try, and it leads to Moses freeing the Hebrews. Moses is also seen as a
determined individual because he manages to lead the Hebrews to their homeland,
Canaan, even though they kept pressuring him (“Moses” Brit.). There are many
times when the Hebrews slowed down Moses’ progress on getting back home. This
happened because the Hebrews lost faith in Moses a couple of times. However, Moses
manages to deal with them, and they regain trust in him. If Moses was not
tenacious, he certainly would have failed his quest of leading the Hebrews back
home. Moses shows his tenacious attribute the most, after he leads the Hebrews
to Canaan. Moses and other Hebrews had been denied entrance to the homeland;
however, they continued to conquer other kingdoms (“Moses” Brit.). This act
establishes him as a tenacious person, because he did not give up on impacting
the world around him. These examples support Moses, because his energy to
continue going even after something inhibits his progress, shows that he is
tenacious like a hero.

The final reason that supports Moses
as a hero is his strength. Although Moses is not usually portrayed as a buff,
powerful man, he does contain these characteristics. One example that proves
this comes from his early years. Moses witnessed a Hebrew being beat
practically to death by an Egyptian. He then defends the Hebrew by killing the
Egyptian (“Moses” Brit). This supports Moses as a strong individual, because he
had the ability to clash with someone and win. Another occurrence of Moses’
strength also happens during his early years. A priest sent his daughters to
water his sheep at a well. However, other shepherds pushed them away to wash
their own herd of sheep. Moses saw this, so he reacts in a heroic manner. Moses
confronts the many shepherds, and while still outnumbered, he manages to succeed
in defeating them. He defends the priest’s daughters, and causes the violent
shepherds retreat (“Moses” Brit.). Finally, Moses best demonstrates his heroism
through strength when he made the pharaoh release the Hebrews. Because the
pharaoh kept opposing Moses’ commands to release the people, Moses brought
punishment to the pharaoh’s people. Moses gave them hardships, called plagues. Many
of these plagues were unethical; they caused the pharaoh’s own citizens to suffer
plenty.  He did this until Ramses agreed
to release the Hebrews from captivity after the tenth plague was reached
(“Moses” DISC). This event certainly shows Moses’ strength, and it shows that
he is a force that should not be provoked.

In conclusion, Moses demonstrates
heroic character traits numerous times. He defends many people from others that
were violent. Moses also frees the Hebrews from imprisonment to Ramses. After
he accomplishes that, Moses leads them back to their homeland, Canaan. He also manages
to conquer other kingdoms, after completing his quest. Most importantly,
however, is that Moses uses his heroic characteristics for good. He only executes
harsh actions when the opposing side performs negative actions to his people.  Whether he was displaying his determination,
displaying his strength, or displaying his intellect, Moses truly characterizes
as a hero.



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