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One can imagine little knots of resistance springing up here and there – small groups of people banding themselves together, and gradually growing, and even leaving a few records behind so that the next generation can carry on where we left off!””I’m not interested in the next generation dear, I’m interested in us.””You are only a rebel from the waist downwards,” he told her.She thought this brilliantly witty and flung her arms around him in delight. She put her mouth close to Winston’s left ear; so close that they were almost in contact.”I’m a rebel from the inside out.”Winston leans back slightly so his eyes meet hers.”What do you mean?” he said with an intense voice. His eyes twinkling with excitement and confusion.”You’ll see. No need to rush.”Julia had the faintest interest in the Party’s ramifications. Whenever Winston starts talking about relating subjects she falls asleep.”We may be together for another six months. At the end, we’re certain to be apart. Do you realize how utterly alone we shall be? When once they get hold of us there will be nothing, literally nothing, that either of us can do for the other.””Don’t worry, dear, we’ll always be together.””Julia, tell me. How are you so sure?”Winston discovered that everytime he mentioned how they cannot be together for long and that the Party will get hold of them sooner of later, she would always tell him, “don’t worry, everything will be alright, enjoy the moment.””Are you with the resistance? Are you  a member of the Brotherhood?” Winston questioned.”How did you guess?””That’s great Julia! That’s great! We can go meet O’Brien together!””Winston. O’Brien…””O’Brien is part of the Brotherhood too!””No, O’Brien was a member of the Brotherhood but he has been acting suspiciously recently. The thought police managed to pick out and capture several of our brothers and sisters. And we suspect O’Brien has something to do with this.””What should I do Julia?””Meet with O’Brien tomorrow, I’ll go too. My mission is to bring you safely to my leader and that cannot be done with O’Brien’s eyes on you.”Winston felt his blood flowing faster and suddenly he had hope for the future. A future with Julia where they live fearlessly. No thinkpols, no inner party members, no telescreens, no Big Brother.                                                                                               414 words Rationale:Female characters were always portrayed as passive and gullible in George Orwell’s  Nineteen Eighty-Four. The male characters like O’Brien and Winston are the opposite. In my fan fiction, I switched the stereotypical roles of women and men. Winston becomes more obedient and easily convinced, while Julia is more active. She reveals her connection with the Brotherhood and instructs Winston to take action. From these behaviours, Julia turns out to be manipulative as she successfully captures his heart and recruits a new member for the Brotherhood. She was also able to give Winston hope and tides of energy.

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