One target groups, get instant feedback, helps

of the best criteria of social media marketing is that you can get more
accurate report and keep track of the performance. You can create 5-10 ads for
a single communication and check out which one is doing better and spend more
on it. Along with high organic and paid reach, the company can enjoy good viral
reach on social media. On Facebook when one shares or likes a communication, it
will generate more impressions on Facebook, which will generate viral
impressions, and these are free marketing you will get done by the people. Also
social media helps these companies to reach the digital Bangladesh we were
promised to attain, the amount of time people (especially the young ones) spend
on Facebook in many cases can be way higher than they spent on TV or
newspapers, and it makes Facebook hence social media a very lucrative field for
the marketers.


social media gives these companies the opportunity to engage with their target
groups, get instant feedback, helps understand the mind set and know the
demands straight. There is no scope for an audience to share his/her thought
while seeing a TVC on TV, if the same commercial is shared of Facebook or
YouTube, the firm will get plenty of comments to get feedback from.

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Social Media in Bangladesh marketing strategy and brand communication



media was a relatively new concept for most companies even a few years back.
Since last year most companies started to open up their Facebook pages but the
amount of resources used were not that high compared to what it is right now.
Studying the current status quo it’s quite clear that the big boys in the
social media world are the telecoms, four of the top five Facebook pages in terms
of likes are obtained by them. Keeping a close on the 4 telecoms page one can
easily spot that they are very competitive even when it comes to Facebook. The
current brand to hold the number one position right now is Airtel Buzz; the
page recently reached 26 lacks fans. Airtel buzz kicked the accelerator since
the year this year to overtake Robi, Banglalink Mela and Grameen Phone. Besides
acquiring more likes Airtel Buzz Facebook page also managed to maintain a PTAT
(People talking about this) above 50,000 compared to the average 30,000 of the
other 3-telecom pages. The only page in the top five that is not a telecom is
Style World Bangladesh; it was the top brand page of the country before being
displaced by Airtel. In the top 10 you will also find e commerce pages like and P is the only FMCG Company in the top 10 and
it seems like that they have






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the potential power of social marketing ahead of its competitors. Clothing
giant Yellow is also there and had a rapid rise in 2013. The last page in the
top 10 is Aarong, unlike other pages in the top 10, they probably got more
organic likes benefiting the positive brand value it has generated over the


media should be considered as the new, small but effective tool inside the old
marketing toolbox. Especially for country like Bangladesh with massive youth
population and ever increasing Internet and smart phones users, it has huge
potential. These social media outlets can be cheaper and very effective
communication tool for all the big companies but also upcoming new businesses,
you can judge this by the number of clothing lines existing on social media.
So, social media can be considered as blessing to SMEs and entrepreneurs out


terms of Brand communication, it’s a much refreshing option compared to the
existing ones. Let’s use Airtel as an example, since the main target group of
this telecom is youth; it’s a highly effective place for the company to reach
the youth directly. Going through the Airtel Buzz page, one can easily point
out the page creates a fun atmosphere by its posts, which supports the brand
essence they have set over the last two years. Social media can be an easy to
handle, frequently use medium to set the brand tone gradually towards your
audience. By the help of social media companies can go beyond the media
restrictions and norms. Also, since Facebook posts can me promoted to a
targeted audience, you can reach the better layer of audience proffered for a
certain communication. It helps to create and retain a good position in the
users minds and you can increase you brand visibility by simply showing up on
the computer screens of the users. Unlike mediums you can instantly share
anything that can add value to your brand instantly through social media. It
requires a bit of creativity and targeting the right audience to supply the
right contents that will increase the brand value.



Effectiveness and efficiency of brand presence on digital social media



have a thorough knowledge about the effectiveness and efficiency of brand
presence on digital marketing a qualitative survey was conducted on 200 samples
of respondents (Students Job Holders, and general people) drawn from the target
population of Dhaka City. For this report I conduct survey on 100 people from
online and conduct survey directly on 100 people.









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survey will help us to know more about the behaviour of the online consumers on
social media sites and how effectively and efficiently brands use digital
social media for brand communication.

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