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CHAPTER 1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY AND ITS SETTINGS Introduction A Resort basically a place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for holidays or vacations. Resorts are places, towns or sometimes commercial establishment operated by a single company. The term “Resort” is now also used for a self contained commercial establishments which attempt to provide for most of a vacationers wants while remaining on the premises, such as food, drink, lodging and a comfortable amenities.On the other hand, a resort is not merely a commercial establishment operated by a single company although it was become more common. Resort probably was one of the place where vacationers or travelers can relax and enjoy the beauty of surroundings, at that point, they will be encouraged to reserve on the resort but they had no enough time or less time to go inquire on book for the reservation.Through online reservation system a number of benefits that make reservation preferable for arranging a trip over the computer, with online reservation system the customer knows the information and gets reservation wherein it saves time and energy so customer are able to book or reserve all that they deserve and be able to plan their reservation quickly without leaving their home all they need is an internet connection.

The system keeps the best alternative solution to once stagnant method for manual operation. This process mutually enhances the technical capability of the resort in the pursuit of the business world.Filipinos use to jaunt when they have available time, it’s their way to momentary forgot the stress that they facing due to the fact that Philippines consider a hot country, thus, Filipinos choose Resort as their center of relaxation to subside to heat of the climate which most specially at the same season – a peak time of a year when the best time to enjoy a luxurious moment with the water but not only Filipinos taking vacation at the Resort even Foreigners choose Philippines for it consider as a country which have a finest swimming destinations, for this, Reservation is very seful for the customer to ensure their vacation in a hassle free. Traditionally, ways of Reserving is via phone or customer will personally visit the Resort to book their accommodation, through this, customer will lessen the worries that might closed them with non- availability of rooms, venues and amenities due to the fact that they reserve personally or through phone, good thing with this process customer have an access to the staff personally which make customer ask information and questions directly through verbal manner that give them an accurate answers.Reserving through phone will save time and effort in the part of customer or in visit personally at the Resort customer and staff will understand each other on the amenities or packages that the customer want to avail.

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Process, rules, and procedures were clearly specify in advantage of the possible and even can look around to the amenities and facilities personally.But nowadays, things are being resolve by technology, every process lies or even have a touch of computer for it makes the process more easy and accurately for both side, through the use of online Reservation, customer can book a reservation with a hassle- free, lessen the time consumed and have a high security, it also attract more customers through the use of internet. Online Reservation is very helpful tool for both parties to communicate from remote places and because of the advanced modernization many gadgets can use as a medium to reserve by online – cell phones, laptops, tablets which take to customer wherever they are.

Therefore, it clearly shows that online process is more advantageous in time, effort, efficiency, and security rather than traditional process. Base on the research conducted in Secret Garden Resort, the existing process found out the problems, first, the management of the records in calendar where owner and staff serves as their storage data to monitor the information written that leads to inaccurate result.Overbooking of reservation is another main problem of the resort due to the unreliable source of data, recording the numbers of customers didn’t give precise counting by the management which end up for the customer in wasting time to personally visit the resort to book only to get disappointed knowing of non-availability of reservation, possible lost of information may also occur because of unorganized storage, the personnel who have an access in nformation may confuse of random data through this slow process result at the end.

From the circumstances that mention earlier which encountered by both owner and client due to the manual process which is currently use by the company may result to failure but in order to surpass this kind of situation, online reservation will be more appropriate to use. Therefore, online reservation is very useful to a resort. This study attempts to solve the problem stated and to have a business improvement.According to the Proposed Study in Online Reservation for Tatin’s Leisure Farm Resort & Inn, the main goal is to keep every transaction faster and can make reservation online, the proponents of the said study also mention that the people in charge often encounter problems such miscommunication and redundancy of reservation as part of it. As the result of test conducted by the researchers, the system’s operations, effectiveness and objectives and the design of the system are met, we can attain that Online Reservation will enable the business industry improves.

In addition to, the ORS helps the owner to lessen his time in processing the reservation considering that all the processes are automated. The solution for the said circumstances and problems is for the resort to have an organized database in order to improve the resort and help the customers/clients as well. By using a database in the files and calendar of the resort, the owner can manage the events and reservations more easily. With the database in calendar the customers/clients will know if the resort has upcoming events and know if there are rooms that are available.Today, Decision Support System for Online Reservation in a Resort is very helpful, especially to those customers who want hassle free when getting a reservation.

Now, there are also cause and effect of a reservation, Due to manual process of reservation in a resort, it may cause hassle and difficult for a customer to personally go to that place and have a reservation, as a result of not enough customer and downfall of the resort.Then Owing to Online process of reservation with decision support system it could be make more faster way of reservation for the customer through the use of internet, this meant that many people now are going to your resort as there was online reservation system, then easy way of getting a reservation and your resort now is going to be well known because of the World Wide Web.


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