Other: feelings and beliefs to convince them that


Everyone has a
different strategy to survive in the island

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Jack is a selfish and generally evil kind character

In Lord of the Flies by
William Golding





Fear can make you do things you don’t want to do


Fear- jack insights  piggy which lead to piggy’s death

Quote: “Ralph is like Piggy. He says things like
Piggy. He isn’t a proper chief.” (8. 50)

. We see Jack
in Lord Of The Flies. He utilizes the
boys’ feelings and beliefs to convince them that he should be chief. When Jack
tries to impeach Ralph and become chief himself, he describes Ralph to the boys
“He says things like Piggy. He isn’t a proper chief” (William Golding
181). He knows that the boys dislike Piggy and think of him as an inferior
being, and he takes advantage of this knowledge by associating Ralph with
Piggy, whom he also torments and assaults for the boys’ entertainment. Thus he
sways the boy’s opinion towards loathing Ralph.

Something that he
always wanted which was total full freedom

In the beginning of
the story Ralph did not like piggy he hated him even though  piggy was friendly to him however piggy  still voted for him to be a leader because he
was the only character that can protect him from Jack.

Jack Was the leader of
haunters he then became the main leader

Raplh cares about
everyone on the island while Jack only cares about himself the free dom

Ralph and jack are two
continents thst are unable to communicate with each other

Piggy is often Ralphs
partner he represents inttiligence and science

Jack represents
wildness and violence he was the first character to figure out a way to kill

Piggy was not becoming
wild like the other kids so jack did not like him and he always in sighted him because
he was fat

When Ralph said he
will quit being a leader Piggy was very upset. He was worried about his own
safety because jack hates him. He says Jack hates raplh to because Ralph was
elected cheief



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