Otzi The Iceman

What secrets does the Europe’s oldest natural human mummy conceal? The ice mummy, also known as Otzi, has been discovered well-preserved in the snows of the border between Austria and Italy. The most striking phenomenon of the excavated treasure is that its age prevails somewhat 3000 years. To be exact, Otzi has been walking on the fields and carrying his copper axe with other not less interesting artifacts around about 3,300 BC. The mystery about the death of the ice mummy still remains unsolved, but there are some theories that could possibly explain how Otzi nded up dead and frozen deep beneath.The one of the remarkable hypothesis that I believe tells us about the life of Otzi being a trader and metalworker who has been actually murdered for some particular reason. Firstly, the evidence for Otzi being a metalworker/trader is the copper axe valuable with its corpse. Archaeologists explain that this type of weapon was quite difficult to make and required good skills.

The axe was checked to be his property and so it is thought that Otzi had the useful skill of aking the copper weapons and also he was considered a wizard who was gifted by that ability.The idea about the endowed powers of making the items that no one could have been capable of creating may lead to the reason of the Otzi’s murder. It was believed that if the man could make the worshipped tools, therefore he is able to do anything equally hard, for example heal the dying. Otzi wasn’t, in fact, local in the village that was not far from the place where he passed away. So it could have been thought that he was walking by that village with the intentions of trading something.

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He was asked to complete some actions that were considered to be out of boundary, let’s imagine, heal the dying human being. Consequently Otzi misstepped with the request of local settlers and therefore didn’t earn so much reputation, he payed, in fact, with his life for such failure. This idea supports the hypothesis about Otzi being a trader as well as the metalworker. To support the concept of the iceman being able to demonstrate the ability of applying medicine, he was found with the mushrooms on leather straps.These mushrooms were known to have the curing advantages so Otzi presumably knew how to work with them as well as with other organic materials that had these medical properties.

The last but not least point of evidence is the idea that may prove one of the 3 main theories about Otzi’s lifestyle before his death unreliable and even wrong. The concept about the oldest natural human mummy being anyone but not a shepherd flows from the evidence from the research of the body. There were no traces of domestic animals found thus it means he had no ontact with the livestock.In conclusion, there are various ideas and opinions about the mysterious Otzi’s way of life.

Some may believe he was a warrior, a trader or even a shepherd. It seems to me that the theory about trader/metal worker is the most appealing because of the presented evidences such as weapons and his medical goods. The background assumptions of him being murdered because of his abilities around the testimony make the representation of Otzi and the prehistory itself more deep and sophisticated. Otzi The Iceman By angelina_golenko

Author: Jessie Watts


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