Our a shelf off our partner outlet. 2)

Our Brand of helmets is where “Safety and Technology comes together” or “Safety meets Technology”. Going by the feeling that technology to help better the safety.
We are marketing these products both online as well as offline, hence, we need to have an eco –system that connects both the systems and keep them in sync such that management of inventory becomes hassle free. We have decided to build this ground up – starting bottom build first and then go up connecting the business cycle. So, starting with distribution system then booking system or ERP system for each and every and every retail outlet partner be it big or small which allows us to keep a track of the inventory at various levels and then front-end site at customer level which will be our e-commerce site. Post building these systems at various levels, integrating them to work in tandem such that the information is passed and broadcasted across systems on real-time basis. Some of the major capabilities that we achieve by having such an eco-system are listed below in brief for your reference.
1) The number in the inventory system is updated even if the customer books a helmet in the e-commerce site or picks it up from a shelf off our partner outlet.
2) The details of our customer collected from the retail partner system or e-commerce system are immediately updated in to our customer database
3) In cases where the customer is booking the helmet in our e-commerce site, the information is immediately passed to the delivery system that enables or helps in planning the product delivery along with our logistics partner.
Having an updated technology system and keeping up with trends help us in improving the performance which enhances our user experience in order to maintain the advantage in this dynamic and highly competitive market from the established players or from the competition that emerges from the new entrants. Technology competence always allows us to provide the latest technology to our customers in form of new products or upgradable products which helps us retain the customer for longer period and overcome the competition and to always maintain the advantage or edge over the competition. We realize and appreciate the fact that technology is a very key aspect of any form of Business to sustain/ maintain or gain advantage in this competitive generation.

11. Describe in brief how this business plan would be different if it could be implemented only on a non-internet venture.
The model of the current business plan is completely dependent on the selling online through internet using websites and mobile apps. If this has to be implemented without using internet, the following changes will have to be made
• The upstream suppliers are also internet based and this will affect supply and turnaround time for supply. With no real time inputs on consumption of parts, production will have to be based on anticipation of needs, which may result in under or over production. This will result in need to introduce warehouses downstream, to store supplies/parts to fill the supply gap.
• There will be need to introduce a vast distribution network in major cities of India. Each distribution center will have to stack up products at regional level and probably sell it to retailers. Retailers will need big showroom in at least one city per state and in bigger states, at least 2. The zero channel distribution will end up as a multi-channel distribution network, escalating prices and reducing margin.
• The supply chain will be complicated through introduction of wholesalers and retailers, resulting in lesser margin for seller and higher cost to customer
• The product is already placed in higher price bracket for elite customers and is not volume based. Any further increase in prices will result in further escalation of product price, resulting in lesser volumes as customers may not be willing to buy it at very high price.
• Based on service records and spare parts purchased, data analytics will be used for anticipating needs of customers and enhancing customer experience. This will not be possible in non inter net implementation as collecting of data and analyzing them manually would be a huge time consuming tasks with turnaround time exceeding the purpose of the data collection.
• Marketing and advertising will be adversely affected as the strategy is to use social media like Facebook and WhatsApp to advertise and reach out to potential customers. Classical advertising will be expensive if mediums like newspaper and televisions are used for brand promotion. AR (Augmented reality) used to virtually get the look and feel of the helmet will also be not possible without internet enabled services for the same.
The conclusion is that a non-internet based venture will be ineffective for the company if it needs to respond to customer needs. Instant feedbacks from customers will help enhance the product from time to time, resulting is sustainability. Any plans for a global sales cannot be possible without internet based eBusiness model.

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