Our Future (Wall-e and Feed)

When reading stories about what the earth’s future might be like our future doesn’t seem that bright. In the movie “Wall-e” and the novel “Feed” by M. T. Anderson they show us a dystopia of our future if we don’t change the path we are taking but with different methods.

These two stories are set in a dystopia future of our earth. In the novel “Feed” M. T. Anderson write about taking down trees and creating factories to make “Air because there isn’t enough natural oxygen to sustain humans naturally.

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“Jefferson Park?Yeah that was knocked down to make an air factory,” theyre creating fake air to reathe because “trees are inefficient compared to an air factor”. Eventually there won’t be anything natural about our earth because theyll find a more efficient way to create things the earth creates naturally. In “Wall-e” no one resides on earth anymore, they all live on a space craft instead. No one has been outside and breathed in real oxygen in a long time because they are floating around in space. These two stories are similar because in both dystopias everything humans need to survive isn’t provided naturally from the earth anymore.

It’s created by man because ll the natural resources were destroyed by pollution and other harmful things humans do. Another similarity is the propaganda and ads that go on in these stories. In “Wall-e” the second a new body suit comes out everyone on the space craft already has one because they can easily switch it with a click of a button. In “Feed” being up to date with fashion is the most important thing. Their feed lets them know what the newest fashion is and they order it right away. The humans in both stories don’t even stop for a second to think about what products they are buying.They Just want to be first to have the latest thing. Because of the direction the human race is headed, both stories were written about similar futures.

Despite their similar futures, the two stories differ from each other. In “Wall-e” the main character knows that the earth is ruined and he is collecting garbage to salvage the earth but in “Feed” by M. T.

Anderson no one, except Violet, realises what’s wrong with their earth and society. While everyone is still living on earth in the novel “Feed” no one is occupying earth except wall-e in the movie “Wall-e”.



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