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Outof the operations management methods, quality management is considered to bethe primary focus of the Four Seasons Hotel chain.

The model of Total QualityManagement consists of three pillars that aim to improve business. Thesepillars consist of understanding, improvement and assurance. Understandingrefers to understanding the businesses needs and the ways to satisfy them. Thismeans clear understanding of values, strengths and weaknesses and goals.After  understanding the needs, the hotelstrives for improvements and commits resources to decisions made that willeventually promote the corporate strategy. A company’s understanding ofstrategic advantages, strength and weaknesses assures that resources will bedistributed as efficiently as possible. Finally assurance is the promise thatthe new status quo created by two previous pillars will be efficient and longlasting.

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Keeping a consistent brand name is of great importance for FourSeasons.1Superbquality management is what differentiates the Four Season’s hotels and providesthe competitive edge. Four Seasons if famed for its quality of service. It haswon countless awards, it has been features prominently in many of Fortunemagazine’s lists, and it’s generally considered the “Top Hotel chain” internationally.2In order to achieve the highest level of efficiency possible within the hotel,four seasons couples it’s convictions with sound financial planning.

Quality ofservice can be considered the distinguishing edge that guides each Four Seasonshotel, no matter where it’s located. Inthe Four Seasons, they are using TQM in their hospitality line and, as aninternational luxury hotel management company, they strive to continuouslysurpass the already high standards they have set, through innovation anddedication. They haveimproved the hotel service through upgraded facilities, like in Limassol, andconstantly expand their business around in the world.

Four Seasons hotels andresorts most will build up the area is nearby the beach, lakeside or by a touristdestination, so that to provide a good first impression and nice place when thecustomer first steps into a hotel. And the other site, they also make guesthave a enjoying, comfortable, relaxing, and luxury environment hotel1 http://syque.com/articles/three_pillars/three_pillars.htm        vale kana pinakaki2 key concepts vivlio



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