Over major impact over the centuries, but few

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Over the centuries, many individuals havemade a major impact over the centuries, but few come accomplish this task as Leonardodi ser Piero da Vinci, more commonly known as Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo daVinci was a jack of traits. He is most known for his highly appraised art work,highly innovated inventions, and magnificent discoveries in science. Themethods used in these categories help propelled humanity and changed the world intowhat the world is today.

            Leonardobegan to become popular do to his art. When he first began to paint pieces, heworked on several pieces with Verrocchio. Verrocchio was a world known painterduring Leonardo’s childhood. Leonardo’s mother worked for him, allowing thefamous painter to meet Leonardo.

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Verrocchio began to notice the potential that Leonardoda Vinci contains. Once this was realized, Verrocchio took Leonardo under hiswing and taught Leonardo many skills that he used in the most popular paintingshe has made. One popular painting that Leonardo worked on while under Verrocchio’swing is the Baptism of Christ.  Leonardoand his teacher painted a picture of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus Christ.It is thought that the angels in the left-hand corner and the backgrounds arepainted by Leonardo, while the main pieces are painted by Verrocchio.             Throughworking on pieces in Verrocchio’s art studio, Leonardo learned many importanttricks and skills that allowed him to go out and do work by himself.

Leonardo’sfirst important commission was St. Jerome in the Wilderness. This painting allowedLeonardo to coupe with hardships that he has gone through throughout his life.Many scholars have backed this up by viewing a diary article that he wrote inwhat is believed as the same time that he was working on this piece. “I thoughtI was learning to live; I was only learning to die (Bortolon).”


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