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Last updated: May 29, 2019

Overall Judicial Law Clerk is found to be a great career.  One NALP (National Association for Law Placement) study found that 97% of judicial clerks say they would still choose to be a clerk.  However with every job it has its pros and cons. The two pros for the career would be the importance of public service and the experience of the job. The job is an important public service which is definitely a pro.  I would help ensure  that cases are carefully considered.  In different types of trials it could mean my job would make the difference of someone going to prison or going home  which would be a civil trial or lots of money  could be at stake in civil trial.

 The experience would be rewarding knowing I am helping others. The experience I would gain as the judicial clerk is also another pro.  I would be able to improve my skills that would be useful to me if I want to become an attorney.  The job allows me to gain better understanding of trial procedures, good research and writing skills that are essential to practicing law.The two cons of being a Judicial Law Clerk would be getting along with the judge and working under pressure. One con is not getting along with the judge.   The clerk works closely with judges concerning legal questions or granting other orders.

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  Some judges have a reputation of being difficult to work with, so it is highly recommended to research the judges before I apply for the job.  Another con to the job would be having to work under pressure. After researching, I have found that this particular job requires a lot of deadlines, and I would need to be able to work under pressure. The lawyers carry heavy caseloads and expect their clerks to handle multiple tasks.  As a law clerk I must be extremely well-organized, and able to work well under pressure.  Research Activity #2:  What type of career does your chosen career require and what is the average pay? Miles Longino: Judicial Law Clerk Becoming a Judicial Law Clerk would mean that I would need to obtain a doctoral or professional degree.

I would also want to pass the state bar exam.  Although passing the state bar exam and receiving a PhD is not always required it is highly recommend.  This career is hard to find a position in so the more education I have the better chance I have to finding a position.

Although there is no specific courses to take before applying for law school it is suggested to receive a Pre-Law Major.  Law school is very difficult to get into, so I would need to have a high GPA from my bachelor’s degree. Law school is very difficult to get into, so I would need to have a high GPA from my bachelor’s degree.  Recent data has shown that the median salary for law clerks is around $54,000.

 This career has different levels of pay beginning ranging from  $52, 000  to 74,000.00  The different levels depends on education and experience.  The different areas also range in pay so depending on what sector I decide to go into will depend on the pay. The highest pay would be in the state government area, the next level would be local. The least paying area would be the private sector.  As I researched the position, I realized that the pay is very low considering the cost of the education needed compared to other careers.  I would want to continue my career as a lawyer possible after working as a Judicial Law Clerk for a couple of years.


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