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s1 {font-kerning: none} I will be starting with my goal. Why am I applying for a Masters in Computer Science where as I have done my bachelors in a different field(Bio technology)? My true passion lies in Computer Science where this is what will be used for creating the future which has been envisioned by us. This is my path and this is my true interest. Nothing makes me more passionate than Computer Science. My true goal of this Masters is to gain more deeper knowledge in the field and to research on machine learning which is our only current hope to reach singularity. I am thirsty for knowledge and what else can quench our thirst than creating singularity by ourself? If only I can be a part of something this big in the history of humankind even by a minuscule amount, I will be more than happy.Let me introduce myself; Akash P James, an undergraduate from National Institute of Technology, Calicut with more than two and half years of experience of professional work experience in the software development field. I featured among 2% out of 1 million students appeared for the AIEEE exam conducted in 2011.

My education in NITC opened me the window to explore more on Computer Science field along with my course subjects. I have taken two global electives in my last two semesters of college from Computer Science branch as I got more interested in the field. The two electives which I have taken are ‘Graph Theory’ and ‘Web Programming’. Apart from that I have taken another ‘C programming’ course in my first year in which I have passed with a flying ‘A’ grade. My college level project was to find a FtsZ inhibitor from a list of more than 500 probable compounds.

We used Amazon Web Services ec2 instance and AutoDocker CLI to achieve our target in a limited period of time more efficiently. Our probabilistic model was created with the help of Lipinki’s rule, MDDR-like rule etc. This drug compatibility project really helped me to find the capability of cloud computing. If we haven’t automated the process with the help of bash scripting, it would’ve taken more than 6 months to run all the tests.

However, we automated most of the process with bash scripting and was able to achieve the same in a short time period.I got selected in the campus placement and started my professional career as an engineer at ‘ThermoFisher Scientific’, Bangalore. I joined there as an Associate Software Engineer I.

My passion for coding and interest in programming was recognized by my peers as well as higher level managers which resulted in my two promotion with in a short span of 2 years and now I am working as Software Engineer II over here. The two back to back promotions has awe-stuck me as this is something rare in a big company like ThermoFisher. More opportunities were waiting for me as hackathons, tech-talks and mentorship to new campus hires. Altogether I have participated in two hackathons and bagged the first prize in one of them.

Hackathons are something which interested me more as we were allowed to venture way outside our daily job routines to build something innovative and helpful for the customers. In the first hackathon we created an AI powered chat bot with the help of neural engine which works in a similar fashion to the context based search we have in Google assistant, Siri, Cortana, Alexa etc. But it was more of a prototype and we demo’ed it directly in a terminal and without much of a flamboyance. In the later edition of hackathon, we implemented a fully functional cloud-cloud data transfer where the user can simply right click on any downloadable file and it will automatically be stored in the users cloud account. This was a very helpful idea as the customer doesn’t have to download the file into their system before uploading to their cloud account.

I’ve got a chance to showcase another idea for our international hackathon in which we introduced an open standard for access delegation, which allowed users to grant websites or applications access to their information but without giving them the passwords. Apart from hackathons, I have given two tech talks to the software engineering community here in our Bangalore site for which I got exalted well. One was a small hands-on session on how to start with facial recognition using python and the other one was about design patterns based on the book ‘Design Patterns Explained’ written by Alexander Shvets.My immediate goal will be to complete graduation from the academically challenging environment of Computer Science Department, University of Utah, guided by its distinguished faculty members.

Author: Calvin Benson


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