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Microwave Oven
How can we use waves to make our lives easier?
Jasper Potjewijd – 22 Jan 2018 
What are microwave ovens?
A microwave is an application found commonly in kitchens. The purpose of a microwave is to heat food through electromagnetic waves with high frequency waves called microwaves. Hence the name microwave ovens. The microwave is often found shaped as a metal box. The microwave oven is exceptionally used all over the world. In the UK almost 93% of the population have a microwave oven. Percy LeBaron Spencer invented the microwave accidentally after the second world war (1946). When Percy was experimenting with a magnetron he noticed that he had melted the chocolate bar in his pocket. He then experimented on further foods and the production of microwaves began. Later in this essay I will first explain, how microwaves work using waves. Secondly I will talk about the benefits and limitation. Finally I will discuss ethical issues of this application
How do Microwave Ovens work?
Percy LeBaron Spencer was the inventor of the microwave oven. Percy was experimenting with a magnetron. A magnetron is a vacuum tube that creates microwaves operating a flow of electrons with a magnetic field. When Percy Spencer leant forward he realised that his chocolate bar had melted. He had discovered that the foods had been “exposed to low-density microwave energy” according to livesciene.com. Percy constructed a metal box and provided microwave power. As the microwaves can not travel through metal, the microwaves are trapped in the metal box. In a microwave oven the microwaves are the heart of the application. The microwave power is absorbed by the substance inside which vibrate and create heat.
What are microwaves? Microwaves are sort of variety of electromagnetic radiation. This electromagnetic radiation is transmitted as transverse waves and are a various wavelength and frequencies. In microwaves the frequency can be from 300 GHz to 300 MHz. 
Step by step procedure on how microwaves work
The number 1 resembles the magnetron inside the microwave oven. When powered on the magnetron transforms the electricity into radio waves/microwaves.
 The radio waves from the magnetron are transmitted into the food compartment through a tube
The substance being heated is spun so the heat is spread evenly
The microwaves reflect through the metal box it is in. It keeps reflecting until it hits the food is absorbed. It makes the molecules move faster and vibrate making the food warm

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