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p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 13.0px ‘Helvetica Neue’; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} span.

s1 {font-kerning: none} Archaeological excavations are destructive; so the data extracted from the excavations must be recorded permanently and accessible. Archaeological archives are the vital parts of the archaeological resource, and it may be possible to re-interrogate and re-think the old information held in the archives. Therefore, further investigations could be completed using archives, in addition people could be taught using them. There are two important components forming archaeological archives: a documentary archive that consists of all records made during the archaeological project – physical copy and in digital format, including written records, drawings and photographs (negatives, prints, transparencies and X-rays) reports, publication projects, published works ,photographs and drawings. The digital material consists of all material that was originally released in digital format (including text, data, drawings, 3D models, photographs and video), and also generated from digested material. The digital archive consists of all data, such as CAD, databases, archiving archives, survey data, GIS, images, satellite images, spreadsheets, etc.

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D. Short-term storage media include CDs, data patches or ash dryings , DVD, discs with copyright protection and hard disks. They should only be utilised to represent digital material for long term archiving.

Long-term storage should be on permanent servers, which are regularly renovated. The creation of a digital archive must be fully documented using information such as the software used, operating systems, equipment types, dates, personnel, field descriptions and the meaning of any codes.Data should be created with constant standardised terminology, content and formatting.

They must comply with existing standards and guidelines on how data should be structured, stored and presented. During the whole project, you should regularly create backup copies. The archive must be converted and digitised with copies of archives stored in safe digital, antimagnetic base of archives and definitely preserved from viruses.


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