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 Africville a small black community in Halifax, Nova Scotia home to around four hundred people approximately eighty families, Has been approved for demolition by the Halifax City Council this morning to be effective immediately. 
 Located beside the city dump, and railroad tracks cuts across the one dirt road leading into the village.Without Sewerage, lighting, and clear water Several complaints were filed but ignored by city officials. it is said by the City that the relocation would “Improve the standard of living for the residents”, even though it is reported that more than 83% of the community members say they were never in contact with the group that was supposed to be in charge of consulting community members and voicing their options(Halifax Human Rights Advisory Committee) , however many speculate that the relocation is due to the fact that the government doesn’t want to spend more money and resources on making the community a sustainable environment for the people that live there, because upkeep and attending to the residential needs would be far too expensive. 

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“I think the Man got what he wanted – that (Africville) land. It was as simple as that. People were allowed to stay there the same as black folks anywhere; they could stay until the White man decided. Okay, now I want my land back. And the time came, and he said, “Okay ni*ger, get out!” And all the black folks had to get out.” -This is from an interview with a Nova Scotian Black Leader, Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is the opinion and voice of Back Leader from Halifax who feels, Black Canadians have been done unfairly or treated unjust by the forced reaction.
 For the current residents of Africville the idea of relocation has brought about a scary realization, The majority of citizens in Africville have never left the small community. Hearing stories and seeing real life examples of racism and the slavery their ancestors and  relatives faced has been reason enough to never want to leave. As well as the fact the the village has an overall low income and very poor education, so leaving and transitioning into a new community sounded by white people with higher levels of education and much higher incomes. 

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