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Last updated: June 5, 2019


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s1 {font-kerning: none}Being a chain of st?res – hard disc?unters (trade margin – about 12%), ALDI saves ?n trading fl?ors, equipment, pers?nnel, maintaining. H?wever, keeps level of service, pr?duct quality and pr?duct range on the g?od level. In particular, there are no sh?p windows in the st?res of the chain and a smaller ch?ice of go?ds. The average area of the st?re is 1000-1500 m² and the ass?rtment – only 700-800 positi?ns, where m?re than 80% – ?wn trademark; in the sh?ps there are three or f?ur people w?rking.Aldi’s name is an abbreviation from Albrecht Diskont and gives an idea about a goal that company wants to achieve by combining the name and subject of marketing. It is creating advertisability at the same time because it is already understandable from the name, how shop looks like, what kind of service it has and etc.ALDI has two different departments such as Nord and Süd (North and South) and their logos components looks the same in order to keep the brand recognition.

It is a big blue letter “A” which stands for the first letter of the name. However, small details of that departments shows a connection to the location. North department has a blue frame when blue color has an association with cold for a people. South department has yellow and orange frames which are an association for warm. It is easy recognisable logo which is connected to the name and it’s ideology of simplicity.Aldi is using 80% of its own products which have its own unique design of packing. As well as stores have a design of simplicity where everything is focused on mass buying. Products still laying in the arriving boxes and all the components are as simple as possible in order to increase the speed of mass production.

In addition, blue color of carry boxes and employees uniforms is showing a UPS of the stores.There are no real advertisements of ALDI, there are only newsletters advertisement and posters at the entrance to the shop by which customers could get to know about discounts. No real media campaigns been done yet.To conclude, the connection between network retail and retail branding is formulating the core of the store in that case ALDI. Network retail gives a classification to the store in any aspects which could formulate a proper target market, price and product range etc.

Based on that recognition, retail branding could brings ideas if what would be attractive for the chosen target market and applicable price and product range in order to be compatible with other store chains. From the network retail recognition of ALDI that it is a hard discounter, retail branding is already has a base of creating a certain image for the necessary components: name, logo, design, advertisement. For ALDI it’s simplicity together with a color differentiation based in recognition of departments (North and South). 


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