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0px} span.s1 {font-kerning: none}      Laser lights are being used more and more for treating cancer. It’s a high intensity light that is used to either shrink or detect cancerous cells and tumours. Lasers were first used for treatment in 1961 and have been being used more ever since. There are three types of lasers that are used for treatment and they’re used for different circumstances. Patients are feeling better than they ever have during recovery. Laser lights used in cancer treatment have become very successful over the years.

      How does laser treatment really work? There are currently three different types of lasers used for cancer treatment, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, and Neodymium. CO2 lasers are often used for treating any early stage cancers (“lasers in”), it does very little damage to tissues by cutting or dissolving the damaged tissue. Argon lasers don’t go deep into the tissue and is used for eye tumours or to remove benign tumours before they become cancerous. The last laser that is commonly used for treatments is Neodymium, this laser goes deeper into the tissue.

It can be used to clot blood quickly and to go into places which are hard to reach within the body such as your esophagus (“lasers in”). Laser surgery benefits cancer patients in many ways, it can destroy any cells, clot blood to stop unwanted bleeding, and remove tumours.      There are many benefits to society for laser treatments.

Patients are finding that these treatments are causing less damage to their tissues. These treatments can often be done in a doctor’s office which patients are finding much easier as they’re just having to go to their regular doctor to get treatment (“laser therapy”). Before laser treatments, infection rate after treatment was very high, but now the lasers sterilize the tissue when also treating the tissue. Patients say that recovery time is much shorter which allows them to get back on their feet sonnet then other treatments (such as chemotherapy) (“treating”). A wife said that she has had laser treatment before and that it’s so much better than surgery. She recovered in a couple of weeks and was very happy with how she was feeling (“photodynamic”).

Laser therapy has come a long way and patients are feeling better than they ever have before.      Laser treatments have come along way since they began in 1961, when they were just used on skin tumours (“treating cancer”). Using lasers to treat cancer has become very popular and overall very successful. Doctors specially train to use this technology to use on patients and patients are having very positive responses to the treatment. It’s also easier for the doctors because they were finding regular surgery very hard to do with making precise cuts, but now lasers are much easier to use for those cuts. Lasers have very positive affects on patients and are continuing to improve for our society.      Laser lights was an amazing and revolutionary invention that has benefited society throughout the years.

This technology is based off of atomic and molecular structures and is able to help those in need. How this technology works to shrink and destroy cells is like one of no other. Patients are feeling better than they ever have before after their treatments and find it much less 

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