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0px}span.Apple-tab-span {white-space:pre}Technology has been one of the most important discovery for mankind and with each passing day its entering our lives a bit more. Today it is almost at the center of our lives mostly through the social media. But what social media actually is? When we hear the term social media the first think that comes to our mind is platforms like Facebook or Instagram. But to understand the real meaning and function of it we can say that social media is a web-based communication system that helps people to connect and share their lives with others. It has an important place in our lives and top all now it has stepped out of being just a communication system and turned into a platform where people can create new selves and live with their new identities as if it is real.

Since the social media came to our lives communication gained a different dimension. People started to present themselves through social media and traditions started to change. In the past people were presenting themselves through their attitudes, expressions and behaviors but with the arise of social media presentation of self started to be practiced mostly through social networks. These social networks gave people more space and opportunity to reflect themselves whereas in the past presentation of self was mostly limited to face-to-face communication like stage acts.

When you first enter someones life there are few things that people look for ; how is our appearance,how you behave to others or do you have enough moral values and etc. With taking all these into consideration and looking how you present yourself they judge you and they form an opinion about you. Knowing people before taking them into our lives is important because when you know them than you know how they will react to situations or you know what to expect from them in the further situations so it reduces the risk of being disappointed. But the way people present themselves has now changed compare to the past. In the past there was a limited space and time for both getting to know somebody and introduce oneself. People were only able to present themselves when they come together and communicate face-to-face. Since there was a limited time and opportunity to understand each other they couldn’t have the time to question who that person really is so people had to believe what they are told.

The book Life as Theater: A Dramaturgical Sourcebook says that “They can rely on what the individual says about himself or on documentary evidence he provides as to who and what he is” (Edgley). Also it says that “If they know, or know of, the individual by virtue of experience prior to the interaction, they can rely on assumptions as to the persistence and generality of psychological traits as a means of predicting his present and future behavior” (Edgley). So you were limited with the impression that they give you in that short span of time. At this stage it was also difficult to learn the trueness of the information that conveyed to you. Because sometimes people can act like a different person in order to be liked and accepted by the others. It was important to be appreciated and liked by the people as it is now and there were certain features that you should have such as being respected, honest, attractive and etc. The way of presenting these specialities were different than how people present themselves today.

Before this social media madness behaviors and attitudes were the important things that catches the eye when people present themselves. When people wanted to present themselves better, they would pay attention to their speeches , their attitudes and their clothing’s. In this way they would satisfy both themselves and those who they met. Sometimes people could pretend like a different person that they were actually not in order to be accepted. Again the book Life as Theater: A Dramaturgical Sourcebook mentions this situation by saying “Sometimes the individual will act in a thoroughly calculating manner, expressing himself in a given way solely in order to give the kind of impression to others that is likely to evoke from them a specific response he is concerned to obtain” (Edgley). With this method they create a false identity in the eyes of others and present themselves as people want to see.

To make it clear imagine a housewife who has no speciality, doesn’t know how to speak or wear properly, if she was on an interview she would certainly trick those people by simply changing her outfit and behavior and no one would understand it unless she wants. In the past there were no other medium that helped to learn about others and also there were no other way for people to present themselves through their attitudes or speeches in a face-to face communication. Self presentation has been highly changed since the social media emerged. It brought new ways to making friends and presenting oneself to others. Okay but what we mean when we say social media? It is actually a web-based communication system that contains extensive platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

These social media platforms enable people to reflect themselves as they want. There is a conception that assumes social media as people’s privacy so things that we see on people’s social media are actually their private sides that they don’t always let others see. Because social media accounts as “private” people present themselves more comfortably. However presentation of self on social media doesn’t count as the original self. In his article Bernie Hogan says that “Once a performance has been recorded, the nature of the performance has altered. It may still be a presentation of self, and undoubtedly it continues to signify an individual. However, it no longer necessarily bounds the specific audience who were present when the performance took place” (Hogan, 380). Our real personality that we exhibit in real life and the self that we present on social media is not the same because the self on our social media accounts is designed not natural.

For instance, most of the people garble their pictures before they share it on Instagram and this is far from naturalness. There are few reasons why people do this and in general it is because they want to be approved by the society and also they do this to increase their self-confidence. Bernie Hogan also mentions the difference of the traditional presentation and todays presentation of self by saying “Many online sites set up a situation where individuals can continually submit data to be associated with their profile.

This sort of “interaction” where people view and react to the submitted content of others is dissimilar from the traditional situations that gave rise to Goffman’s germane dramaturgical approach” (Hogan, 384). Today there are not only stage plays for presentation of self but also there is an important potential like social media which gives us more diversified space to present ourselves. These profiles that people create in the virtual world give them a chance to create a new self and introduce themselves like a different person. In these profiles they can do what ever they want. Social media also gives people the opportunity to fulfill their of self-confidence. What I mean by that is there are also some apps that you can change your hair color or body shape and today most of the woman change their look and then share it on the social media in order to be liked by the society and conform to spectacle. Guy Debord explains the spectacle by saying “All it says is: “Everything that appears is good; whatever is good will appear.” The attitude that it demands in principle is the same passive acceptance that it has already secured by means of its seeming incontrovertibility, and indeed by its monopolization of the realm of appearances” (Debord).

Today people became like mechanics in a sense, they are living their lives according to what is popular. They change their clothes, manners, bodies basically they change their individuality for this cause and social media has become the major tool for this. It brought a new way to presentation of self because today you are not only able to presenting yourself one-to-one but also there are different mediums such as internet. You can present yourself by things that you share on cyber world just like photographs.

Its nice to have more space to reflect ourselves with the developing technology but it also means that there is more potential for misrepresentation. Technology has been one of the important developments in our history. Since it came to our lives it has provided many innovations and opportunities. One of these opportunity is presentation of self. Self presentation is very crucial for us because when we present ourselves we directly make people know what kind of a person we are and how they should remember us.

If we consider the presentation of self from past to present there has been some changes. In the past it was more limited and requiring stage act. People were presenting themselves through their attitudes and behaviors. But today we are in a time that social media leads us and we use it in our lives almost for everything just like presenting ourselves.

Through the medium of social media people can present themselves how ever they want. It is now easier to manipulate the reflected self, for instance people can change their appearances and present themselves different than they actually are and they show themselves to more people through social media accounts. Lastly, the presentation of self has a great significance for us even if the way we present ourselves has changes from past to present.


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