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The song “bohemian Rhapsody” has many features that include thickening structure, harmonic rhythms and modulation.Some of the sections in the song would crescendo decrescendo the instrumentation and voices parts. For example the intro tends to do something like this. To emphasize the lyrics it had a thick harmonic structure that would let you pay attention to the story .In the part “no escape from reality” The pitch goes from low to high and stretches the word reality.Another word that was emphasized was “mama” creating a dramatic feeling in the story. The instruments and voices would crescendo and decrescendo each time the word would be sung.In the opening of the harmonic melody in which he sings “galileo”the forth beat seems to have the word “galileo” sung which was a very strong beat that had a melody spike causing a sharp increase in the melody.This song did not have any chorus but instead had multiple disjunction sections that included acappella and opera in which timber was achieved.

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A song that had a very bouncy bass with staccato rhythm intro was the song “You can’t hurry love” This song kept repeating a catchy phrase “you cant hurry love” which is in this case also the tittle of the song.This song had a soulful type of feeling which was achieved by using a hypnotic bass and tambourine introduction.This song had 2 beats per measure therefore it was a duple meter.The tempo was moderato with a tempo of 97 beats per minute(BMP) creating a very soulful and rhythmic style.This song also had a syncopation that was created by the guitar making the backbeat.The rhythm was very steady to emphasize the meaning of the song better .In this case to not be impatient about finding love because it takes time.

The song “love the way you lie”Is a simple verse chorus which had the same background music but with either repeated lyrics or different ones as well.This was used to tell a story but at the same time emphasize the main parts of the story itself. Rhiannas repeated chorus was used as support of the story that was being told. It had a mid type of tempo and a repeating chorus that emphasizes “love the way you lie”allowing listeners to focus on that idea. This song had a 2 section structure and though the chorus didn’t change it just became a stronger support to the story each time.

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