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s1 {font-kerning: none}span.Apple-tab-span {white-space:pre}Before you and I were introduced to room air refreshers, people relied on burning incense. “What is an incense burner,” you may ask? An incense burner is a vessel that that burns incense. It varies in shape, form, design and size depending on the different spiritual or religious implications.

Unlike the modern world, produce used to diminish odours were not just solely made for that particular reason. Of course, different cultures and religions had different uses for this ancient beautiful piece.  According to the Editors of Encyclopaedia, way back during the Han Dynasty in China around the dates 206 BCE-220CE “incense burners were created to symbolise a mythical land of immortality known as the Bo Mountain which they referred to as the ‘Bo Shan.'” The burner itself had a round base that contained patterns of the sea and different kinds of sea animals.

The pierced cover of the burner was moulded into the shape of said Mountain. “As the incense burned, the smoke that formed was a representation of nature and how they, the people, perceived it.” The Christian usage of the burner began in the fourth century. Lucas Harris made it clear that “in Ancient Egypt, incense burners were usually made up of terra-cotta or even metal where the incense was burned on lighted coals.

” They were usually in the shape of open bowls containing handles, or up to three or four chains attached to a ring to easily carry them.  Many of them contained artistic and “highly ornate” shapes. The main purpose was to add scent to the church. It was later on in the seventh century when incense burners were used as a ritual to honour the “bishop and book of Gospels” (Matthew Herrera).  In the Islamic World however, incense burners were generally called “perfume burners” instead which did not withhold any religious function.

Putting history aside, one thing that has always been a part of my life were incense burners. Being a third culture kid I had always been given the opportunity to live in various parts of the world and experience different cultures. Unfortunately, that resulted in me forgetting parts of my own. Aside these disadvantages, one thing that remained of great importance to me and my family has been the incense burner.

It has stayed with us each time we were made to move. I do not recall ever questioning its’ presence, it was just there. 


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