P. rate. Then these data is monitored from

P. Dineshkumar 1 proposed a
system which monitors heart beat rate, figure humidity and blood pressure and
sends data to Intel Galileo Gen2 and then Intel Galileo Gen2 sends data to the
“Thingspeak” cloud with the help of wi-fi connections or with the Internet
provided by the sim card internet provider that is inserted in the Intel
Galileo Gen2. The health sensor data ore mapped in Thinkspeak cloud onto the
Hadoop Distributed File System to store sensor data and then these data is
viewed by doctor through mobile device or through PC through web browser. It
uses Intel Galileo Gen2 Kit is an interference between the sensors and
thinkspeak cloud. Intel Galileo Gen2 Kit transfers data from sensors to
Thinkspeak cloud which is further stored in Hadoop Distributed file system and
that can be access by doctor from anywhere. Using the thinkspeak website
anybody can monitor patient data.

R. Kumar 2 uses Raspberry pi
for monitoring patient data. In these model Raspberry Pi monitor patient
parameter such as temperature, respiration rate, body movement, heart rate.
Then these data is monitored from anywhere in the world using internet
connection on monitor of screen. The patient data is send to patient web
database through USB dongle or Ethernet cable. He has used IR transmitter and
receiver in order to measure heartbeat of patient. In order to calculate pulse
of patient pulse rate sensor is used which is connected to the finger of
patient. In order to measure temperature of patient thermistor is used. In
order to measure body movement of patient accelerometer sensor is used. In
respiration sensor the breath rate is measured that is it calculate number of
breath per minute. For respiration sensor he had used two thermistors are
connected in bridge with the help of resistor. With all these sensors the data
is analysed of patient and send to the web database server and that data can be
access by doctor from anywhere through internet connection using web browser.

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Pedro Maia 3 focuses on web based
platform for interconnecting body sensor. It uses Web interface in order to
gain information of patient from various sensor attached to body. It uses
Devices Connection Module, Visualization and Management Module, Storage Module,
Common Service Module. Device Connection Module is for integrating body sensor
to the web platform. The Visualization and Management Module provides a web
interface between doctors, patient and system administrator and manage all
information about patient, body sensor, medical record. Storage module is used
to stored data of patient. Common services module provide infrastructure for
communication and security of patient data. In these he had proposed module to
create an effective web based platform between body sensor and doctors.

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