P1 Tesco however are known as a famous

P1 Introduction – In this task, I am going to be talking about my two chosen organisations, which are Tesco and Humans Rights Watch. One organisation is a profit (Tesco) and one organisation is a non-profit (Humans Rights Watch). I’ve chosen a profit and a non-profit organisation, to show that they have different stakeholders and they operate differently within the business structure. I will be going into detail about the history of the two businesses, as well as things such as their aims, purpose and objectives.Tesco’s HistoryTesco was originally founded in the 1919’s.

The Initial founder was Jack Cohen, The first shop 1929, first warehouse 1934, first 100 branches 1939 and then it came to Central Europe in 1994. Initially, the sales were tough. Jack Cohen only made a profit of £1 per day, from sales of £4.

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Over the years, Tesco expanded, first locally then eventually multination-ally. Tesco however are known as a famous supermarket who sells products such as food and even electronics internationally. Since Tesco’s opening, they have developed and progressed and have become one of the biggest supermarket internationally. In 1979 the sales had reached 1billion pounds, and by 1982 it had doubled to more than 2billion pounds. Currently, Tesco have begun losing profit since 2013, a report indicated that they saw their first profit drop since 20 years ago.  Since 2013 to 2016, this decline would continue and get even worst, as currently on September 22nd of 2016, their estimation of profit earnt was off by a total of 250million pounds.

They range in over 11 countries including the UK, Japan and Czech Republic. Aims and Objectives They aim to provide their local community with food that is of good standard as well as affordable. Tesco are known as a public limited company, this means that their shares may be freely sold, and traded to the public. Tesco are an enormous expansive company, being multinational their employees range over the thousands. Tesco aim in the 20th century was to be multinational, in which they’ve successfully achieve in modern times. Money-wise, Tesco want to be earning as much money as possible so that they can expand even more, earning them even more profit and be able to pay for all their employees.  Also, this is viewed as beneficial to the local community of Tesco, as it gives and increases employee rates. Tesco want to be the most used supermarket, which is currently not working, as profits have declined.

To do this they would have to expand more than the 11 countries that they are reside in, and open more shops in other large countries such as Germany and perhaps reopen in USA.What Does Tesco Offer Tesco sell products, such as food, drinks, everything ranging from raw meat to ice cream. Recently in the 21st century, they’ve begun selling electronic, such as TVs and entertainment gaming systems. Also, Tesco is the top retail grocery supermarket because their products are high quality yet still are at an affordable price.

Tesco’s PurposeSaid by Tesco as a company themselves, their purpose was “to be the champion for customers”, meaning that they want to improve their local communities’ quality of life, cheap products/affordable products at a good quality. This allows for easier way of living. They believe that they have successfully achieved in the recent century. I agree because, the reason they are the top retail grocery supermarket is because they have met their objectives, people are glad to have Tesco nearby as they sell products and the local customers like to buy their stuff there.

What Tesco is owned by?Tesco is owned by the shareholders that own or purchased its’ stock, that means Tesco technically are owned by thousands of people. This means that there are people who invest their money into Tesco, which Tesco use to maintain their business and continue on running. For example, in August 2014, 7% of Tesco’s stock was owned by Morges Bank, Blackrock had a 5.1% share and Berkshire Hathaway had a 3.98% share.What is the Humans Rights Watch?The Humans Rights Watch (HRW) are a non-profit organisation as well as a nongovernment human’s rights organisation with roughly 400 staff members internationally. Being an organisation, means that they are a group of people which have a particular goal or purpose to achieve, also because it consist of 400 or so employees they are considered a large scale organisation. This also means that they operate in a large scale of an area.

Within the business there are country experts, lawyers, journalists and academics of different cultures.Humans Rights Watch’s Purpose and Aim The purpose of HRW is to publish reports that contain briefings which promote conditions in other countries, giving knowledge to people who are unaware of other’s conditions. Their aim is to first become known, so that plentiful people read their articles, this then leads to their next plan which is to be multinational, this then allows them to effectively raise awareness. Currently, Humans Rights Watch is achieving their set goals, very strongly this means that they are a well-known charity. The purpose of this organisation, is to give out honest description of things that are going on in the world or things that may even occur. A reason for this is that so the know the realisation of the world. Their purpose is also to protect the rights of everyone in the world, so that everyone is equally treated.

The Humans Rights Watch’s OwnersThe Humans Rights Watch is owned by trustees, they were created either by a single person or group of people who wanted to achieve a goal then they handed another person ownership of that company. For example, an owner can give their business to a CEO that would mean that the business is owned by a trustee.How They Get What They WantTo get what they want, and to be accurate as they are, they send their very own journalist who travel to places that have terrible conditions, or are considered to have terrible conditions. They also use their lawyers to ensure that their journalist stay within the laws and rules of what they’re capturing, such as taking photos as well as note taking. The business is very successful in getting what they want, currently they do send journalists to other countries whom report accurate reports meaning they’ve achieved their aims.



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