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What is Nano-characterization? Discuss the purpose of microscopic analysis of soil.   Characterization of nanoparticles is based on the size, morphology and surface charge, using such advanced microscopic techniques as atomic force microscopy (AFM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Properties such as the size distribution, average particle diameter, charge affect the physical stability and […]

1.0 developed in 2002 by Hoekstra and Hung

1.0       INTRODUCTION: 1.1       BACKGROUND: Human actions can consume natural resources and if the application of environmental sustainability methods is left out, it will jeopardize the existence of Natural Resources in the future. This write up focused on the Footprint analysis as vital tool used for the assessment of sustainability of the environment and its constituent. The objective […]

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2.1 Introduction:Standards:Formal standards are rules or guidelines approved and adopted by a standardization body that address permanent technical recurring problems. Standard creation could be triggered by various factors like security reasons where a certain kind of standard needs to be developed for an elevator to ensure its safety for for health reasons for certain medicines. Not only security […]

The are 43 quintillion patterns for a Rubik’s

The Rubik’s cube was first invented in 1974 by someone named Erno Rubik. Although it was invented in 1974, it wasn’t released globally until 1980. Around that time, about 400 million Rubik’s cubes were sold, even though the Rubik’s cube was never meant to be a toy. It had one the toy of the year in the UK […]

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A Star Called Henry was based around the character Henry Smart, the son of Henry and Melody Smart.   Henry came from a poor family that never really lived in one place for long.  They had lived in an apartment where the “walls were alive, looking back out at them” (p.). They moved and lived in “a smaller, darker […]

John is permissible in Islam, it has proved

John the Baptist (Arabic Yahya ibn Zakariyya) Son of Zakariyya and Elizabeth and cousin of Jesus, John was born as a blessing from God when his parents were old and barren. As in the Bible, the Qur’an records God’s promise of a son to Zakariyya in response to his prayer for an heir. When Zakariyya asked for a […]

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On September 19, 1692, a man was pressed to death. This man, Giles Corey, had just suffered the penalty for being a “witch.” This is what happened in the Salem Witchcraft Trials. Starting in 1692 and ending in 1693,  the Salem Witchcraft Trials were known for their blood thirst and cold heart. The Salem Witchcraft Trials were just […]

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The globalization has brought information easily to be accessed around the world in which also brings new euphoria in popular things. Beat box has become a global phenomenon enjoyed by millions internationally especially in Indonesia. The numerous beat box community spread out in every corner of Indonesia especially in the big city. John Park & Andrew Huynh (2017) […]

China motorization of vegetable creation. Plus, the deficiency

China is the biggest maker and purchaser of vegetables on the planet, with a generation of 51.3%of total world. Vegetable industry has been incredibly created and turned into the second biggest yield industry next just to nourishment edits in planting in 2017. The motorization of vegetable creation has turned out to be one key research field in farming […]

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The U.S. was facing many issues during the Early Republic time period. The nation was in deep debt, owing millions of dollars after The Revolution. Another issue they were also dealing with was issues involving trading and conflict with Great Britain. The last issue was lack of unity, because of many conflicts that divided the state and nations. […]

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