Aircraft Pressurization System

Airplanes, which do not have pressurization and air conditioning systems, are usually limited to the lower altitudes. They need to stay below 8,000 feet. A cabin pressurization system accomplishes several functions in providing passengers comfort and safety. It maintains a cabin pressure altitude of approximately 8,000 feet at the maximum designed cruising altitude of the airplane, and prevents […]

Whom I Admire

We all admire someone for a role they play in our lives. I think that many people find it easier to choose their topic about an actress like Angelina Jolie or the packers Quarterback, Erin Peterson. But the woman I admire isn’t a multimillionaire or the world’s best chef; She isn’t even world famous. I keep my admiration […]

Downward and Upward Communication

It is passing information to the subordinate. It increases efficiency by synchronizing organizational procedures and can ensure that all are working towards the same goal. Downward Communication is the means by which goals are transmitted and influence is exerted on employees. It flow’s from the top level management to low level management through the middle level management. Example: […]

Girl Interrupted

The story takes place in the late 1960’s in McLean psychiatric hospital. The hospital is located in Massachusetts. Do time and place contribute to the conflict? If so, how? No, because whether it was present day or in the 1960’s Susanna would still have the mental disorder and go to the psychiatric hospital. List Major Characters: 1. At […]

Differences Between Vacation on Mountain and Sea

Differences between vacation on mountain and sea (Comparison/Contrast essay) One of the dearest periods of year is vacation. “Vacation used to be a luxury, but in today’s world it has become a necessity”. Because of the Earth variety we can choose place which is most common to our taste. Two places that are mostly chosen are sea and […]

Gender Roles in Uganda

As for the gender roles in Uganda, The men are thought to be the “providers” just like in most cultures, and as for the Women’s roles they are clearly inferior to those of men. Women were taught to inherit to the wishes of their fathers, brothers, husbands, and sometimes other men as well, and to demonstrate their obligation […]


The origin or the development of the tooth and tissue formation is known as Odontogenisis. The formation of the tooth begins at six weeks in the human embryo. However not all tooth develop at the same time. Although Odontogenisis is a continuous process it is divided into various stages. These stages are Bud stage, Cap stage and Bell […]

Comparison of Robert Frost and Emily Dickenson

Comparing Robert Frost And Emily Dickenson The Poems I’ve Chosen is Fire and ice by Robert frost and Part one life CXXXIII by Emily Dickenson the two poems are speaking of the destruction of the mind of a person as if the only blame for there problems is them selfs and there contanes got to them both. Now […]

Life Is What We Make It

Life is what we make it Good evening judges and my dear friends, my topic for today’s speaking contest is: life is what we make it. We’ve grown to perceive life as an enclosed curve with certain number of years in between. Both its shape and size depend on what we make it. Broadly speaking, we human beings […]

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