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Jessica Fisk

1/21/18            As people know, the environment is everything that
surrounds human nature. Every biotic or living have a right to live in a
favorable environment. As a community of Grand View, we need to sustain our
environment and make it better where possible. There are harmless methods that
can be used to make Grand View more environmentally friendly like reducing the
amount of meat consumed, using more plastics instead of papers, and use more
recycling. If followed thoroughly, might lead to a better environment.
Grand View University has a good dining program. It has enough food with
varying nutrients. I came to realize that we eat more meat than we should eat
and the reason behind this is the availability of various types of meat
prepared and readily available at the school dining center. There is meat
prepared on at least every type of meal of the day. More of the land is being
used to raise livestock because the amount of meat consumption is increasing.

There is a system named
meatless Monday that has been introduced by the dining services which is
whereby students eat no meat and take a picture of their meals and the winner
is randomly chosen. It occurs once a month but I think it should be updated to
every Monday and the number of the winner to be increased. This way, more people
will cut-off the consumption of meat to save the livestock and reducing the emission
of Global warming potential gases. This would later save the land to be used
for recreation, and other purposes such as cultivation of greens.

the amount of paper used. Fewer papers have been used in classrooms as technology
is comes. There are some things that will need to be used or printed on paper
but there is a way to reduce the use of those papers. Examples include printing
double-sided, taking some of the notes and completing assignments online or
otherwise electronically. According to Fair Reporters, “the sole benefit of
reducing paper consumption is saving the world” (“Benefits of Reducing Paper
Use”, 03/30/17). According to the authors of this article, using less paper is
saving the world because as they explained, 24 trees are cut down to make a ton
of papers. And regardless of the transport to deliver them, we are also
affecting the use of fuel and energy to be used while processing these papers. Grand
View would, therefore, play an important role in the environment by using less
paper or recycling since recycling takes less energy than making new ones.

of recycling, it is an easy way to make the environment greener. It saves energy
that would be used to make new items. Grand View has introduced recycle bins for
trash different from the ones of cans and bottles. The only problem is that this
system is only found in one building. I would encourage more recycle bins of
this kind all over the campus community and encourage campus citizens to adhere
to these changes by letting them know the importance of doing so. It might seem
costly at the beginning but as far as environmental conservation is concerned,
this will have many benefits.

            To sum up, there are many ways
including the ones mentioned above and some others that would make the Grand
View community eco-friendly. For example, using mugs instead of more plastic
to-go cups is a good way to reduce plastic consumption. Another way is to walk
to classes or using carpooling. For students living on-campus, making walks to
classes is better than driving. The school is not that big and might be a way
to get fresh air instead of sitting in a stuffy car. In the winter or other
cold or rainy times, some might consider carpooling especially those from the
same buildings who have classes together or in the same buildings. This way
fuel consumption might be minimized. Lastly, let us stop littering around to
avoid pollution. Let us make our environment a better place to live and not for
the moment but for a longer time.

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