Path earth is called as Karmabh?mi or

          Path of Liberation Karma M?rga

Karma means act or deed. Karma Yoga
of Bhagavadg?t? regulates practical life according to the highest laws of
spirituality and enunciates the principle and practice of action in every life of the people who are engaged in
different fields from Statesman to laborers.
The G?t? recognizes that it is action
by which the j?va came to
this world. It is karma or
action that is responsible for his
pleasures and pains. The Karma theory
and  Karma M?rga both were misunderstood
by so many and thought that it is impossible to come out of the chains of Karma. People think that only
sanny?sins who renounced the actions completely and who lives in solitary caves and hills will get
Mok?a. The earth is called as
Karmabh?mi or the land of action
because here only one can get Liberation by nullifying the actions of good and bad. The Gods are enthusiastic
to take a human form and to get
liberation. Karma is said to be the
beginningless, even for wise men, it is not easy to understand the process of world actions.

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The j?va or individual soul is responsible
for its own actions. The actions of the universe depend on the ultimate God so
we can call him the Lord of Karma. Karma M?rga, the path of action can be
practiced even in the midst of the conflicting worldly activities. ?r? Kri?na
in his teachings, in 3rd chapter of Karma Yoga says yogah karmasu kau?alam…

One can remain perfectly actionless and peaceful in the midst of
tremendous action. The G?t? declares that through action, one can realize the
ultimate truth and get liberated. Good work is that which helps us to the
Liberation of one individual and the perfection of the spirit. Right conduct
helps us in expressing our reality and Unity with God. Bad

conduct makes us inferior and keeps far from the God. It does not allow
us to realize our true nature. In the G?t?, in the title of the discourse,
Karma Yoga, the path of action, ?r? Kri?na prescribes the detached performance
of action to realize the God.




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