Pearson academic, government and professional testing programs around

Pearson VUE provides computer-based testing for information technology, academic, government and professional testing programs around the world. Pearson VUE provides a full suite of testing-industry services and delivers exams through a comprehensive and secure network of test centers in 175 countries.

Pearson VUE is a business of Pearson, the international media company, whose businesses include the Financial Times Group, Pearson Education and the Penguin Group. We work closely with teachers, learners, researchers, authors, thought leaders, and local experts to put education in the hands of more people around the world, in more inspiring ways.

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Our Vision:
To remain the Global leader in computer-based testing. Our vision is to help people make progress in their lives through learning. We’re here to keep the whole world learning, because where learning flourishes so do we as people.

Our Values:
Our shared values shape the way we think, work and behave. By living by these values we bring our brand to life for everyone. Brave. Imaginative. Decent. Accountable. These words aren’t just a slogan; they are among our most important values. Woven into the fabric of our corporate culture, these principles have served us well — resulting in the industry’s most innovative products and services, creative and productive working relationships and respectful, honest communications.

Our Mission:
In a fast-changing world education is the key to success. Our mission is to deliver world-class tools, content, products and services.

Our Strategy:
We want to improve access and outcomes in education for learners around the world. We do this by combining expert content and assessment, powered by our services and technology.

Pearson Vue are a hierarchical structured and role cultured organisation. Hierarchical structure allows everyone to be responsible for their own roles and report to an immediate superior.

The advantages of this structure and culture is authority and responsibility are clear, well defined, opportunities of promotion motivates employees and employers can specialise and develop in their field.

Disadvantages of this structure and culture will see communication between different departments may be less effective, it can also see rivalry between departments leading to decisions that may benefit one team instead of the organisation as a whole.

Focusing more on Pearson Vue’s role culture all our departments have their own individual roles, benefits to this is they break down the work load to make it more manageable and they are responsible for there own work. This culture is more practical for our specialist roles i.e program co-ordinators, managers, data analysts. On the down side to this is will limit others gaining knowledge on these roles, if the workload became to big they may struggle to find the staff that knows that particular role responsibilities to help cover.

Quality Assurance (QA): QA monitor and analyse the needs and requirements of the clients and customer. They are also responsible for auditing emails and calls to ensure the agents are going along with the companies policies and procedures. If unfortunately they do not follow them the QA team will pass this on to the agents team leader.

Communication & Documentation Specialist (CDS): CDS day-to-day role is sending out operational notification communications to keep the call centre up to date with any changes that have happened throughout the day. They are responsible for maintaining and updating documents (scripts and policies), monitoring employees software permissions, recording client KPI’s and assisting with new client launches.

Trainer: Support the design, development and writing of training material to support key objectives to carry out job roles. They liaise with the CDS and QA to discuss and improvements or updates for new starters. Carry out yearly customer service work shops to all employees. Deliver and design inductions and training programs for the company.

Management Information (MI): Developing new MI reporting solutions by progressively working with the Head of Management Information and key stakeholders to meet their requirements. To ensure that all current divisional client and internal reporting deadlines are met in line with any established Service Level Agreements (SLA). Work with the wider business to offer insights, guidance and support, fostering a collaborative working environment where knowledge sharing and best practice are paramount.

External Factors the impact on our organisation.

Political factors can play a significant role in determining what factors can impact on our long term market plans. For example:
Political stability and importance of publishing our test contents
Product labelling and other requirements in publishing

Social Trends
Social Trends, culture and ways of doing things will impact and organisation. Demographics and skill levels of the population for where we will open and run tests centres will affect Pearson Vue and our productivity on carrying out more tests. Education levels as well as education standards will impact on where we decide to make “pop up” test centre into permeant ones or open a whole new test centre all together.

Technological Factors
Technology is always advancing and can possibly disrupt various industries across the board. As a computer-based learning organisation we must stay ahead of our competitors. or example in 2016 we lost our biggest client, the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) on delivering their theory tests to our biggest competitor, LearnDirect. To gain this contact back we chose to carry out Pearson VUE / LearnDirect’s computer-based testing merger, which ended in us buying out their contact. Recent technological developments by our competitors has made us move more towards VR/touch screen computers for some of the tests we publish. Technology has seen us grow and develop more training products with applications for smartphones and tablets moving away from text books.

Legal Factors
Pearson Vue will always evaluate before entering and market as it can lead to much bigger consequences if it fails to accommodate for any legal factors. For example:
Anti Theft laws in publishing
Copyright and patents
Data protection
Employment law
Consumer protection and E-commenrce

Pearson Vue offers innovative computer-based testing solutions through secure, electronic test delivery. Pearson Vue provides licensures and certification exams for Microsoft, CISCO, CIMA, HP, DVSA, DVA, CITB, UKCAT, Edxcel to name a few.

External Customers:

Internal Customers:
Managing Directors
Program Co-Ordinators

Our products help meet learner needs and deliver measurable results that transform lives all over the world. Explore our products and services for every stage of the education journey.

For teaching our personalized course content, digital recourses, apps and textbooks help educators build knowledge and unlock learners potential. We run these under 4 different services :
MyLab and Mastering
ELT Courseware
Bug Club

For institutions we provide a variety of services to help schools and institutions overcome challenges and realize opportunities for change and growth. Our teams collaborate with them to develop instructionally sound educational solutions to meet the candidates needs.
Online Program Management
Connections Education
Pearson Sistemas
English language learning in Brazil

Professional Assessments
Our educational professional assessments help education leaders make informed decisions and help learners reach their full potential by providing feedback to educator and families. Our professional assessments to help people in healthcare, human resources, workforce training and talent management, ensure the success of employers and leaners.

Qualifications in the UK
We are the largest awarding organisation offering academic and vocational qualifications in the UK, for all stages of the learning journey.

Human Resource department help and support the Organisation and our Line Managers. They have many roles within Pearson from being responsible for formulating strategies that focus on recruitment and “talent spotting”. They also ensure that we are familiar with government regulations in regards to pay, working hours and equal opportunity requirements.

Here are some key examples on how HR help on a daily basis with both the organisation and line managers:

Administrative HR Process, including Leavers, Starter and Lifestyle changes eg Maternity Leave and Long Term Service
Processing expenses
Updating staff on benefits and pensions

Line managers:
Attending and supporting disciplinary’s and investigation
Help with pay queries
Assisting in diarising, tracking ; saving appraisals/personal development plans

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