PERSONAL practice, makes me more confident to face

                         PERSONAL STATEMENT Seeing and believing in the power of education to change the life of illiterate students, I’m determined to be an entrepreneur and want to create an enterprise that helps to connect students to better education and occupational skills so that they can break free from their cycle of lack of opportunity. I believe pursuing an European Master in Colour Science is the best way to accelerate my dream. I looked back and suddenly realized whenever there is a cross-road in life, I chose the harder path. It is the experience of this hard path that makes me who I am today. My plan is to partner with the experienced Government organization, NGO, Public Partnership, to invest in the developing talents in India, simultaneously bringing in mature techniques and leading technologies through investment into the practical program with technology companies. During my undergraduate course, I was taught, about Electronics and Communication with Physical Science that was designed in a way to learn by practice, makes me more confident to face the problems occurred in the future. The course itself covered a board range of processes and applications in the area of Computer Architecture & Organization, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Introduction to Computers and Programming, Graph Theory, Physics, Consumer Electronics, and Digital Signal Processing with MATLAB. I also published a journal on “Design and simulation of half & full Vivaldi antenna for mobile application. Originally, from a small town in New Delhi and I am applying to this program because I know that there is something else out here and I am not quite sure what it is but I know there is something else out here and I want to reach out as far as I can while I have the opportunity. There are two things about this program that the first are the diversity of the institutes. The second thing is a small class of with truly outstanding facilities members where you are getting to share own thoughts about particular texts or particular issues with someone who is literally the world expert in a field and people within your own age range. The environment is very creative and in which it has all the facilities available to be able to move on and progress with ideas that I have created. COSI Program designed the course to provide an understanding and the hands-on skills necessary to perform Image Processing which covers human visual system, imaging devices, image system feature extraction and pattern recognition which include face recognition, spectral image processing and to leverage the talent within a cooperation. It further gives me the opportunity to apply powerful tools such as digital imaging, including optics, vision and computation; statistical interference and modelling, interactive data analytics, spectral and colorimetric reproduction, 2D and 3D spatial model to a particular field of business and also provide practical skills and internship that match my aspirations and provide the network with students from famous international schools. COSI is one of the key techno-logic drives of the 21ST century and it is at heart of almost everything that we consider to be modern.  The core curriculum is really a collection of courses in a variety of disciplines that is designed to introduce postgraduates to a whole array of intellectual activity. The University of Eastern Finland has very active service learning program here students are learning by working on projects that are usually focused on the community and has some sort of social good to it. It also offers different kinds of the student body resonating with the energy of the city and to the rigor of the curriculum and that’s the potent combination I think that’s from my point of view whats different and special about this institution. I believe I deserve to be select for the scholarship because that indicates hardworking student and I have worked very hard to my undergraduate degree and have proven I can excel both in college and in life as well. I have taken rigorous coursework throughout all my undergraduate year. Also, I am highly involved in the extracurricular activity at my college and also involved in the community. I have played various varsity sports at my school level. I have also owned various medals and honors while in the college. The most significant achievement of my life was a selection at the SMART INDIA HACKATHON GRAND FINALE 2017 (WORLD BIGGEST MOVEMENT)- developed project as a team at Udaipur to prevent delay in trains due to fog in winters under Ministry of Railways, Government of India. I also received congratulations letter from Hon’ble Education Minister Mr. PRAKASH JAVADEKAR (MHRD) Government of India for being a part of the great digital movement as a volunteer in the transformation of our country from cash-based society to cashless society.I am also a member of MIT-ClimateX. It is an online space where people from the MIT community could share their knowledge and ideas about climate change with the outside world.I occasionally volunteer for the Rivers for Rally- the nationwide awareness campaign to revive the rivers of India and various other local organizations their primary goal is to mold students into leaders. I use my leadership status to motivate others to follow their dreams as well. I would commit myself to take advantage efficiently of the opportunity that the scholarship will provide me besides. I hope to become one of your scholarship students so I can devote myself more to community service activity and can continue on my pathway to reach my career goal.  

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