Personal amount of class time. This will lower

 Personal Declaration of Independence from
Massive Projects/Assignments

in the course of your education, it becomes necessary for students to cut the
ties which have connected them with the school system and become independent,
they must explain why they deserve to be independent to the rest of the world.
This requires us, as individual students, to write our own Declaration of
Independence for our fellow teachers to see and understand why we should be and
will be independent and equal to the teachers.

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hold these truths to be obvious, that (to be created equal about giving such a
large amount of projects/assignments and with securing the rights for students),
given the rights for students and the pursuit of happiness. To obtain these
rights, teachers should enable students to do what makes them happy by not
giving too much work and expect to complete it the next day. However, when
teachers begin a long train of mistreatment against the students that shows
they only want to the power to influence every feature of their lives, it is
the duty and right of students to get rid of the power to influence their
teachers have over them and establish their independence.

now, the students have been very patient with the teachers, but with such a
long history of mistreatment and lack of equality toward the students, it is
now time that the rest of the world find out what has been going on.

expect the students that they are able to complete the given enormous projects/assignments
in one day with little class time to complete it.

assume that we have plenty of time to work on our projects for a few hours
after school each day, but with all other extracurricular activities and classes,
it is simply impossible.

 Some teachers let students stay up all night
trying to get our work done and students are always tired and stressed out
about the projects. This is simply unhealthy and causes your health.

need to know that students deserve a weekend to work on our projects along with
a reasonable amount of class time. This will lower the stress of students, the
amount that always fall asleep in their other classes, failing to their
classes, and increase the quality of their work.

don’t recognize that students will struggle more and more if they are behind
because they don’t have enough time to finish their enormous projects/
assignments on time. Since students will have more time to work on the projects
they should be graded slightly harder and also no late work would be accepted.

therefore, the representatives of the student body at Smithville High School, present
these facts to the entire world’s population. In the name and by the permission
of all of our individual students, we solemnly write and declare that the
students are to be free and independent, and we give ourselves same deserving
rights as any teachers who are also free and independent. For the support of
our declaration, we pledge our lives, honor and all that we have.


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