PERSPECTIVE properties of elements that have been and

PERSPECTIVE This article focuses on 4 new elements that have been discovered and put onto the periodic table,the elements have been put in the 7th row which has now been completed. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry has said that they have enough evidence to confirm the existence of those 4 elements. The elements have been produced in a lab. The 3 major elements that have been discovered were found by the Russian-American team which created the numbers: 115,117,118 and 1 discovered at Riken institute in Waku,Japan number 115. Scientist had been able to created these elements by destroying the nuclei of smaller elements into one another, which resulted in very heavy elements which are radioactive. The articles uses the opinions of others with the news and talk about their specific reaction. RELEVANCE: The periodic table is a material that used by many chemists, researchers, students, teachers, professors,etc. The periodic table is very easy and simple to understand and learn about different elements and how they are related with one another due to how it is arranged,(it is arranged in a organized and informative manner).It has many uses to it: it can be used to predict properties of elements that have been and even that haven’t been discovered. The periodic table organizes elements according to similar properties,so it is easy to tell the characteristics of an element just by looking at its position on the table. The table is, also, very useful for predicting the types of chemical reactions that are likely for each element. It also easily provides information about elements for chemist to do further research. In conclusion, the periodic table is a very easy and simple table that is useful for many occupations and research purposes.EVIDENCE: The article lacks to provide any or limited information regarding the actual elements and its properties such as physical or chemical. The article just focuses on discovery of the elements and how it is a major achievement for chemist and the study of the periodic table as a whole. Ryoji Noyori, who is the former president of the Riken and Nobel laureate in chemistry emphasize on how big this day is to many scientist: “To scientists, this is of greater value than an Olympic gold medal”. Many science lovers were really happy for a fraction of a second because superheavy elements are known to only exist for fractions of a second before they decay into other elements. Lynn Soby, Iupac’s executive director says,’It’s an exciting day for the world.SUPPOSITION: There is no other explicit explanation that can be provided for this specific achievement, due to the fact that is based on pure research and information that those scientist have found themselves. The article only confirms the news of the discovery of the elements that been founded, it does not really mention any background information of the element itself, as mentioned above.CONCLUSION: In conclusion, this article talk about the discovery of 4 new man-made elements that have been made by Russia, America and Japan. I think that this discovery is a big achievement in the science world and can inspire many others to continuing further researching about elements which can lead to many discovers and much more success in the science industry.

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