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Pet Sematary is a horror novel by Stephen King. This novel starts when the Creeds family move from Chicago  into a beautiful 2-story New England colonial house in Ludlow, Maine. Louis Creed, a young doctor, moves his wife Rachel Creed, their two young children Ellie (their daughter) and Gage (their toddler son) and their cat Church, because he  had accepted a position as head physician at the University of Maine student medical facility.  The day they moved in Louis meets their neighbor, an elderly man, Judson Crandall, who he not only quickly befriended but because Louis lost his father when he was 3 years old, he looked at Jud as a father figure as well. Jud and his wife Norma, both welcomed the Creeds and helps them settle into their new home in Ludlow. Jud shows them around and helps the family explore the vast boundaries of their property. Upon exploring, he showed them a path at the edge of their home that leads to a pet cemetery. Because the unofficial groundskeepers of the cemetery for years by generation after generation of neighborhood children, the sign at the entrance reads “Pet Sematary,” hence the misspelling of the word in the title of the book.On Louis’s first day of work a student named Victor Pascow was in a fatal car accident and brought into the infirmary where he died right in front of his eyes. That night, in what Louis believes to be a very vivid dream, Victor Pascow appears to him and issues a warning. He tells him to never cross the boundary (the deadfall which is a barrier made up of piles of dead trees) that lies between the Pet Sematary and the Indian woods and beyond no matter how much he feels the need to go. Meanwhile, Jud warns Louis about the dangers of the road between their houses because many animals have fallen victim to speeding trucks on that road. All of these talks terrified Rachel and brought on more anxiety for her because of her deep seated aversion to the idea of mortality which was developed from childhood when she watched her sister Zelda suffer a very painful death due to spinal meningitis.On Halloween, Louis saves Jud’s wife Norma from a near fatal heart attack. Then on Thanksgiving while Rachel and the kids were away at her parents house for the weekend  (Louis did not go because he does not get along with his in laws), their cat Church was hit and killed by a truck in front of their house.  Louis was really sad and didn’t know how he would break the news to his wife and children especially his daughter whom the cat belongs to. Jud sympathised with Louis and he also wanted to repay Louis for saving his wife, tells Louis to bring the cat’s corpse to the Pet Sematary, instead of stopping there to bury Church. He leads Louis across the treacherous Deadfall  past  the Pet Sematary into the Indian woods. The path takes them  through a swamp that the Micmac tribe called the “Little God Swamp”. They then arrive at the ancient Micmac Indian burial ground (known as the real Pet Sematary) and Jud instructs Louis to bury Church (the cat) there and tells him that animals, buried there have come back to life. Louis didn’t really believe him, but he felt compelled to do as he was instructed to do.  The next afternoon, Church returns home, but he is not the same cat he once was. He behaves very strangely (used to be lively and vibrant, now he acts a little dead. He used to chase mice and birds, but now would catch them to rip them apart instead of eating them) and he smells awful, however, when Rachel and the kids return, they do not seem to notice the difference. Jud confirms to Louis that this was the condition with animals that have been reincarnated.A few months later, Louis’s  son Gage gets struck and killed by a 10 wheeler truck on the same road that claimed Church’s life. Louis tells Jud that he wants to bury him in the ancient Indian burial ground by the “Little God Swamp.” Jud tries to talk him out of it by telling him about a grieving father who buried his dead son there. His son came back from the dead as an evil being, who knew secrets beyond the grave and used it to threaten Jud. The father eventually  killed his son and committed suicide. Hearing this story horrifies Louis, so he promises Jud that he will not bury Gage there.. The family then gives Gage a normal funeral and buries him in the town cemetery.However, despite Jud’s warning and his own reservations, the “evil magic” of the burial grounds beyond the “Little God Swamp” calls to Louis. He then decides to carry out his plan, by first sending his wife and daughter away to Chicago because he knows they would not approve, but Victor Pascow’s spirit visits Ellie (the daughter) and convinces her to bring her mother back to stop her father. By the time Rachel returns home and teams up with Jud to try to stop Louis, it was already too late. Louis had already exhumed Gage’s body from the grave and reburied him in the ancient Indian burial ground beyond the Pet Sematary. Gage resurrects from the dead  and like Church and the boy that Jud talked about, his body has now been inhabited by an evil/demonic  being. He kills Jud Crandall, and gleefully stabs his mother to death before Louis can stop him. Louis then uses morphine (that he had pre loaded into syringes in his doctor bag) and kills both Church and Gage in hopes of putting an end to it all. However, Louis’s grief and despair quickly draws him to bring Rachel’s corpse  to the ancient burial ground to bury her. He was hoping that if he buries her quicker than he did Gage, the outcome will be different. The book ends with Louis sitting with his back to the door playing solitaire, when he suddenly feels “Rachel” a cold hand on his shoulder and hears a voice mutter “Darling.”

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