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SANTA IS NOT REAL. Have you ever had your dreams crushed ? where you also small ? Did you get told lies for half of your life ? well I have it was a Sunday nightBut what was different about this night as that is was Christmas.

Dark cold out but inside warm comfy and also smelled like chocolate for some reason ? mother told me you better go To sleep or else santa wont come see you. Shes asked me if I was a good boy all year and of course my reply was yes of course mother! en she replied well then go to bed lil boy tomorrow is chrstmas and I certain santa got what you asked for! So I did as she told me and ent straight to my room. As you may know as a little kid at the time I was exited for the up coming morning. It takes me at least 4 hours to fall asleep for some reason I woke up I had to go th the restroom. So I did and when I was finished I looked down the hall way but here where still no presents left.I walked down to the hall way and hid behind the couches.

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I crouched down in between both couches I waited and waited and waited for santa to come it was almost 3 in the morning and no sight of santa was here I thought ti my self maybe my mom was right maybe I do have to be asleep in order to santa to come to my house maybe he passed my house so my face slowly grew into a frown and teard up but as soon as I was about to cry I hear the door trying to


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