Plato’s soul and knowledge. Plato’s recollection argument

Plato’s recollection theory is about the human soul and knowledge. Plato’s recollection argument created in Meno. While Meno asked Socrates” what’s virtue? “The idea is that all humans are born with the preexisting knowledge. Second Socrates states “That the human’s souls are immortal and after the death they have a transition from one world to the another world.” People’s adventures don’t destroy with death rather they become immortal. How we are born one day and come to this mortal world, we are die one day, too. But there is a huge difference between die and born. For example: all of us get happy when we see some new born babies, but we get sad when we see someone is dead. However, we don’t know that the dead person is going to the world better than we live in it. In this essay, I will discuss the dialogue between Socrates and Meno and explain “How does the Socrates method related to the Plato’s recollection theory?”    The dialogue begins with Meno asking Socrates that” what is virtue, and can virtue be taught, or is acquired by practice.” Socrates claims “that he doesn’t know anything and never has seen someone that know the definition.” Socrates answered virtue must be wisdom because in Athens no one knows what’s virtue. Then Socrates asked Meno what does he think about the virtue? Meno came up with the several answers, and tries to cut the discussion short by raising a paradox. Meno says, he can’t learn what is virtue because no one knows what exactly is. Since he doesn’t know what is that he can’t search for it therefore, there is no way to learn it. Indeed, the paradox introduce a challenge, how learning is possible and what is virtue.    Now, the theory of the recollection solves the paradox. The theory states some knowledge is an essential part of “reason” and the human soul. This knowledge cannot be eliminated and its part of the human souls. According to the thesis, the soul is a persistent object whose existence is not contingent on the body. The soul exists before entering in a body and will continue to exist after leaving the body. According to this theory we are born with some knowledge and knowledge doesn’t gain by the experiences.        Socrates’ method of elenctic turns is” the dialogue between the individuals by asking and answering questions.” His method is finding a comprehensive answer by eliminating the wrong answers.  Also, his method’s goal is to cause a person to refute their own beliefs about the questions, whose answers are unverifiable and unpredictable. The experiences of the Socrates method show that this method makes the people more uncomfortable with asking and answering questions. Socratic method wants to make the students active in asking questions because if the students don’t ask any questions, they will never learn anything. By one example we will understand how the Socratic method works. As we remember Meno was a person who asked the question and at the end he got the answer base of the conversation between them. This is the method you will reach the answer based on your teacher’s clues.  Based on what we understand from Socrates’ method, Socrates brought the recollection theory for Meno, give him some clues and definition then Meno finds his answer.             This Socrates’ solution to the problem is how we can try to find out the nature of something that we don’t know it yet. Socrates advises Meno that you should always confidently try to seek out and recollect what you don’t know at the present. Socrates says” even if we didn’t know the idea of the soul’s immorality and recollection, we need to search out for the answer to become a better man.”        In the conclusion, Socrates uses recollection as an explanatory hypothesis to solve Meno’s paradox. Then, he intends to confirm his hypothesis through an empirical test: the case of the slave. This gives him the occasion to show what learning correctly consists in. Then, given him the solved paradox. Socrates can resume the search for the essence of virtue, which has been proved useful and possible.

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