Poetry his message effectively through metaphors and

is form of art that is expressed through words. Poems are composed to express emotions
or ideas that the author feel overwhelmed with and desire to share with others.
Just like any other genre of art, poetry has certain characters and elements
that distinguish it from the other genres. Due to emphasis, poets mainly use
repletion to make their point and adhere to the style they have chosen. Poetry
mostly depends on imagery, musical qualities of the language, and word
association. In most cases, it is difficult to translate from one language to
the next because one might miss the essential elements that make the poem.
Also, words might lose its meaning and context when changed from language to
language losing the message of the poet. Subsequently, poem is can be
distinguished from text in many various ways. In this regard, this paper is an
analysis of a text “Meeting Camilla”.

The text
is a description of his gorgeous lady called “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Summary” by James Thurber. In case the text was to be changed to a poem it
would meet the first characteristic of a poem which is the use of figures of
speech. Figurative language or figures of speech are a non-conventional way of
describing things. The things the poet speaks about are not impossible if taken
literally. In this text for example, the author speaks openly without metaphors
describing the late adult life of Walter with his wife. Other figures of speech
that could be used are hyperbole, humour, symbolism, and exaggeration.
Symbolism and hyperbole use another thing or person to represent or symbolize a
certain object or individual. In this text, the author could have used this
style. Respectively, the author could use symbolism to explain his message
effectively through metaphors and similes.

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second characteristic that can be used to treat the text like a poem is
descriptive imagery. Poets use descriptive imagery to explain exactly what they
see, hear, or smell to enhance the imagination of readers. It helps the reader
to understand the poem in a manner that the poet experienced it him/herself. In
this text, the author does not include imagery to enhance the imagination of
the readers and goes straight to the point. The text is to the point explained how
bad Walter was getting at driving, simple mechanical tasks, and how he was
always absent minded forgetting everything around him. Including imagery in the
text include language like allusions, personification, symbolism, allegory,
among others.

The third feature is punctuation and
format. A poem has a specific pattern which has stanzas instead of paragraphs.
The sentences are also short and do not necessarily have a subject and object
in it. Also, the sentences in a poem are called lines and they have fewer
breaks and follow a specific rhythm. Consequently, in this text, the sentences
should have been rearranged in this pattern to fit the criteria of a poem. A
poem can be ballad, epic, or sonnets which are closed poems. Words at the end
of every line should have a rhythm or song that has meaning as well. The ideas
in a line should be similar and rhyme to make the poem more captivating and

The forth component is sound and tone.
Each and every poet has a unique sound depending on personal preference and audience
of the poet. Sound is achieved using repetition, rhythm, rhyme, meter and
melody. For instance in the text, the author could  find words that can rhyme with words Walter
and Mrs. Mitty since the whole text is about the couple. Also, the last words
of each stanza could a pattern like aa, bb, cc, dd or ab, ac, ad depending on
the authors preference. Alternatively, the author could also write a free verse
poetry that has no distinct rhyme but covers all the other aspects of a

The last feature is key words that
create mood. Words in a poem have patterns that betray and tone of the poem.
Tone creates mood which shows the emotion the poet is trying to portray. Mood
can be sad or happy of the narrator. All poems have a voice of a speaker who is
telling the story. Tone and mood is measured by the voice of the narrator and
his or her point of view. Correspondingly, the voice uses key words that
portray irony, yearning, distance, or clarity of mind and emotion. Similarly,
the text should have the voice that narrates the author choice of telling the
life of Mr. Walter and his wife Mrs. Mitty.

it is essential to analyse a poem to effectively understand the intension of
the poet in all its dimensions. Features like rhyme, rhyme, narration, pattern,
sound, mood, tittle, style, word order, imagery, symbolism or theme.  In this instance, the text should be
transformed into a poem first so it can be analyzed as a poem layout and style.
The theme of the text is the late adult life of Mr. Walter Mitty and how his
advanced age has caused problems for both him and his wife; similarly, the poem
should be about the same. The title is appropriate, the poem should be read
according to the speakers tone; adhere to the punctuations, and following all
the vital aspects of a poem.

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