Pollution pollutants have been measured over the past

Pollution has and is still a major problem in the world. There are different types of pollutions, water and air pollution being the most discussed about. The United Sates and Kenya are affected by pollution for example New York and Nairobi cities, where there is a lot of traffic, noise form vehicles emission from vehicles, sewage overflows, plastic bottles and bags but how they handle the pollution is different in both cities.

                    Despite pollution being a major issue in the world, the developed countries have generally improved  in air quality(Fenger, 2009). The decrease in ambient concentrations of many air pollutants have been measured over the past several decades in North America and Europe because of legislative efforts, implementation of successful mitigation policies, and through the application of best control technologies (Colette et al., 2011; Parrish et al.

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, 2011). While in Kenya there is no improvement in the quality of air since there are no mitigations policies, zero legislative efforts and this because our leaders are very corrupt and ignorant to such matters.                                          Both cities they are highly populated and that contributes to the vehicle traffic in these major cities.

In Nairobi the motor vehicle emissions cause air pollution just as in New York. Fine particulate matter (PM2.5), generated by fuel combustion (e.g. in motor vehicles) has been linked to a wide range of health effects, including more than 800,000 deaths in cities around the world (Cohen et al., 2004; Pope and Dockery, 2006).                               Reference.   Fenger, 2009 J.

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