PRACTICE EXERCISE 1 Use the words in the box to form an adjective that fits in the numbered space in the sentences. The exercise begins with an example (0) 0. politics1. depend2. able3. meteor4.

face 5. hysteria6. destroy7. disagree8. Britain9. point 10.

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fertility11. argue12. fashion13.

plenty14. believe 15. hope16. horizon17. investigation18. effect19. laugh 20. Holland 0.

I have absolutely no interest in political debates. 1. Entry to the single currency zone is ________ on meeting several financial criteria. . Most public car parks now have special parking bays for the _________. 3. John F Kennedy enjoyed a _________ rise to fame in the 1960s 4.

Our lives are ruled by _________ bureaucrats who seem to be answerable to no one. 5. It was more than funny, it was absolutely __________! 6. People claim the rise of popular culture has had a ________ effect on national identity. 7. There are few things more _________ than people who shout at waiters.

8.They say the _________love their pets more than their children. 9. I’ve made my mind up and any attempt to change it is _________. 10.

The soil in this valley is particularly _________. 11. As a teenager I went through a very __________phase. 12. Unfortunately, a sense of moral duty seems to be becoming increasingly ________ these days.

13. Orange and lemon trees are _________ in this part of Spain. 14. Two weeks in the Bahamas for less than a hundred dollars?That’s _________! 15. There’s no point carrying on, the situation is _________. 16. The compass will only work when laid on a _________ surface. 17.

That documentary on drug smuggling was a fine example of _________ journalism. 18. Dry cleaning is often the only ________ way to deal with stubborn stains. 19. Some of his pathetic excuses were downright _________. 20.

According to recent statistics the ________ have Europe’s highest per capita income.

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