Pragmatism is the doctrine that practical consequences are

Pragmatism is the doctrine that practical consequences
are the criteria of knowledge, meaning, and value. This method is discovering
what our idea means, and we learn that by studying their consequences in actual
experiences. William James, a pragmatic
philosopher said that “If an idea or judgment makes a positive, practical
difference in people’s lives than it is true. The opposite is the
contrary.” (Paquette, P. & Gini-Newman, 2003) This suggests that a
person could be evil, just as easily they could be good.  In his quote, he states that if something
creates a positive difference in someone’s life then it is true. If something
creates a positive difference it would have to be good act not an evil act. We
can relate this to the argument, humans are inherently good, because by saying
they are naturally good creatures that have a positive and practical effect on
the lives of other humans.

nature is the belief that human beings have natural instincts or tendencies in
the fundamental dispositions and traits that all humans share. All humans have
different experiences, and this is where the dispute begins. Based on people’s
views they will tell you that all people are basically “good” or basically
“bad”, that they are either “predators” or that they are capable of “empathy
and love”. This is all subjective, these ideologies are colored based off of
the cultures and subcultures that influenced you while you were growing up and
learning about the world around you. The people that raised or influenced you
will pass on their particular ideas
about what makes humans “human”. Plato thought that humans were rational, social animals,
and he connected human nature with our souls and ability to reason rather than
our bodies. Aristotle differed primarily in his belief that both body and soul
contributed to our human identity. These theories are not mutually exclusive, but
have been built upon each other and adapted over time.

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humans, we are brought into this world untouched, uninfluenced, and uncorrupted.
New born babies have not had the chance to learn what hate, or violence, or
cruelty is; they have not gone through a tragedy or experienced a situation
where something horrendous has happened to them. The age-old question of
whether or not humans are inherently good or evil is complicated and
controversial due to the fact that that it involves the human spices and is
completely subjective. As human beings, we are born into a world where it has
become easy to be discouraged by what human nature and societal norms have
turned into. Are humans just good people, that perform evil actions or are
humans just evil?



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